v60 v30 trilogy

Featured solution: V60/V30/Trilogy

This trio of ventilators enables consistent, reliable care across settings: from managing acute respiratory failure in the ED and ICU, to post-acute care in the general ward, to acute respiratory failure management post-discharge.

Trilogy with AVAPS-AE average volume assured pressure support-auto

Featured solution:  Trilogy with AVAPS-AE (average volume assured pressure support-auto EPAP)

Provides consistent and tailored ventilation across settings. 80% of surveyed Healthcare organizations reported Trilogy with AVAPS-AE improved quality of life for patients.* AVAPS-AE automatically and independently adjusts pressure support, expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP), and backup rate. AVAPS is designed to automatically adjust and provide the lowest possible pressures to manage your ventilation needs.

*TechValidate survey funded by Philips Respironics of 114 users of: Philips Respironics Trilogy Ventilator with AVAPS-AE, n=114 https://www.techvalidate.com/tvid/705-29C-437