G. Phil Hemstreet

"Being a busy interventional cardiologist, time is of the essence. Having one person to go to and having somebody who has a vast amount of experience able to lead me through some very difficult decisions and processes is invaluable. Symphony Suite provided by Philips allows us to go to one place and get essentially all of our answers."


G. Phil Hemstreet, MD

Alabama Heart and Vascular Medicine

Tuscaloosa, AL

Foluso Fakorede

"My experience with SymphonySuite has been seamless in terms of having specialized and highly trained individuals who share this passion."


Foluso Fakorede, MD

Fusion Vascular

Cleveland, MS

Fadi Saab

"There is a lot of misinformation out there that physiciansbased outpatient labs are really subpar or inferior to the kind of services that are provided in the hospital. Nothing can be further from the truth. Our decision to choose our images devices with Philips SymphonySuite stemmed from the fact that we want to provide equivalent, if not even a better, patient experience in our outpatient CLI center. That’s why we chose the latest and the greatest from Philips which allows us to perform complex procedures efficiently and safely for our patients."



Advanced Cardiac and Vascular Centers for Amputation Prevention

Grand Rapids, MI

"Philips has been working hand-in-hand with us throughout the process. We’ve been working on everything from the initial 3D CAD drawings and renderings to the delivery of the equipment, to the training on each, each item that we received, as well as the financing that has gone along with it. It’s made it a lot easier to go through this process, a lot less stressful."


Nadeer A. Pirani, MD, FRCPC
Diagnostic radiology/cardiovascular imaging 
Clinical vascular and interventional therapies 
Wound care, hyperbarics and vascular medicine 
Interventional oncology / minimally invasive tumor therapies
Las Vegas, NV