Threshold PEP - COPD PEP Mucus clearing devices

Threshold PEP Mucus clearing devices


Compact, lightweight and easy to use


If you can still cough but find it difficult to dislodge mucus then PEP therapy may be suitable for you. The Threshold PEP uses resistance when you breath out to create positive pressure that opens your airways and moves your mucus to an area of your airways where it is easier to expel.


When you exhale through Threshold PEP, the resistive load creates positive pressure that helps open the airways and allows mucus to be expelled during ‘huff’ coughing, or Forced Expiratory Technique (FET). Threshold PEP may also help improve gas exchange and medication deposition when used in conjunction with nebulizer treatments.


Key features of Philips Threshold PEP

  • Improves airway mobilization and prevents excessive mucus build-ups
  • Can optimize your aerosol therapy when combined with a nebulizer or inhaler