SideStream Plus with COPD breath enhanced technology

SideStream Plus


Feel the difference with breath-enhanced technology


The SideStream Plus breath-enhanced, reusable nebulizer, with COPD breath-enhanced technology,  is designed to improve drug delivery. Its easy-action inspiratory valve opens when you breathe in to boost medication delivery and closes when you breathe out, preserving medication and reducing waste.


You can rely on SideStream Plus to deliver fast and efficient aerosol drug delivery with less drug waste when you breathe out. The low resistance valve is ideal for elderly users. SideStream Plus is suitable for nebulizing most commonly prescribed aerosol therapy medications, including bronchodilators, antibiotics and steroids.


Key features of the SideStream Plus with COPD breath enhanced technology

  • Easy-action vertical inspiratory valve requires less pressure to open when you breathe in
  • SideStream’s five jet-hole design
  • Easy to hold, with an angled mouthpiece, provides you with a more comfortable treatment