Fund transformation by finding revenue leaks


  • A 2% reduction in bad debt can recover tens of thousands of dollars5 

  • $40 million in revenue is being lost per year due to 35% of patient cases going to specialists and facilities affiliated with another health system6

Embrace claims data

  • 20-35% of average medical claims are rejected5

  • 31% percent of providers still use manual claims denial management7

  • $15,000 is spent on the phone calls, investigative work, and claims appeals associated with reworking claim8

Capture reporting data:


  • Simplify data preparation for exploratory analytics

  • Increase productivity by reducing time required to sieve data and facilitate better utilization

  • Bring data directly to analysts to reduce the workload on the internal IT infrastructure

  • Improve organizational data usage

Manage risk


  • Identify care models and alternative payment opportunities

  • Build relationships among providers

  • Manage financial risk and utilization to fuel the transformation required to provide value-based care

  • Design initiatives that focus on quality at a lower cost

  • Establish quality metrics for patients who are vulnerable stakeholders

Positioning care teams


  • Get the right data to the right people at the right time

  • Allow care coordinators to help their patients navigate the system to close care gaps

  • Help highly trained clinical staff focus on the most complex cases

Improve patient retention


  • Implement a system to collect, organize, and present price reporting to employers and employees

  • Interact with patients to help measure patient satisfaction and patient experience

  • Use comparative performance data to reveal important and relevant information

  • Be champions of the performance assessment