HealthSuite digital platform

First-time-right cloud expertise and compliant platform as a service

Philips launches Clinical Trial Accelerator

Empowering more efficient, flexible clinical trials.

Connected in the cloud

An open, secure platform of services, capabilities and tools designed to inspire and enable the development of next generation connected health and wellness innovations.

Forrester Report identifies the most significant enterprise health cloud providers

Philips was among the select companies that Forrester invited to participate in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Health Clouds, Q3 2019. Philips received the top score in the data interoperability criterion, and received the highest score possible in the AI and Machine Learning and Security criteria.

HealthSuite digital platform

HealthSuite digital platform gives Philips and its partners the Cloud expertise and capabilities to connect devices, collect electronic health data, aggregate and store data securely, analyze data, and create solutions on the Cloud.

This makes it possible to break down data silos and facilitate the innovation required to achieve seamless, connected, and collaborative care that fulfils the 4 Ps of Digital Health: Precise, Personal, Predictive, and Proactive.

Empowering the next generation of connected health and wellness innovations

Benefits of HSDP
A shared environment that is massive in scale, elastic, global, available 24 x 7, and houses vast amounts of data, the Cloud is fundamentally different from legacy models of owning and managing traditional on premise hardware and software infrastructure.

The Cloud’s defining characteristic is elasticity – the ability to quickly grow or shrink infrastructure resources dynamically. This makes it possible to adapt to changing customer needs and rapidly test product innovations. Coupled with scalability and pay-per-use cost effectiveness, the Cloud enables a more flexible, innovative and iterative agile software development approach and new business models, making it possible to rapidly prototype, test and adapt components and applications.

Benefits of a connected health ecoystem

Consumers, patients and caregivers
  • Access to their own health information 
  • Empowered to take control of their health anytime, anywhere
  • Easy interaction with care providers as part of a seamless continuum of care aimed at improving their overall health
Care providers
  • Close collaboration around their patients
  • Guidance to the most appropriate care
  • Automatic alerts for information that may indicate action is required 
  • Relevant, real-time information to support fast, and effective clinical decision making
Health systems
  • Evidence-based insights to guide organizational, clinical and financial decisions 
  • Tools and technologies specifically designed to support value-based care and population health

Transforming the delivery of healthcare

Across settings

Connecting care across departments, networks, systems and care locations, for continuous care from home to hospital to home again.

Across time

Enabling confident diagnoses, seamless treatment tracking, and prevention and early intervention—across the entire patient journey.

big picture

Across people

Connecting patients with providers, care teams with each other and departments across health systems, enabling more personalized care for larger populations.

Across data

Maximizing the potential of data from devices and other sources with standardized protocols and open, scalable platforms— optimized for personal and professional applications.


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