Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Technology that adapts. People who benefit.

At Philips, we develop intelligent solutions that help healthcare providers achieve better outcomes, and that help consumers live healthy lifestyles. We do this by applying artificial intelligence in a meaningful way that improves people’s lives.

We believe that applying AI to healthcare and personal health requires a deep understanding of the clinical, operational, or personal context in which such methods are used. We use the term ‘adaptive intelligence’ to talk about applying artificial intelligence in a meaningful way that improves people’s lives.
adaptive intelligence

Adaptive intelligence combines artificial intelligence and other methods with knowledge of the clinical, operational, or personal context in which they are used.

It supports solutions that adapt to people’s needs and extend their capabilities – helping healthcare providers to achieve better outcomes at lower cost, helping clinicians to spend more time understanding their data and applying it in a clinical setting, and helping consumers to live healthy lifestyles.


We believe a person’s health journey should be a connected journey that offers a seamless, integrated and highly personalized experience. A journey in which people are increasingly engaged with their own health and get support from professional care teams, as needed and when needed.

health data

Delivering critical patient information to radiologists at a glance,

our imaging and informatics technology Philips Illumeo learns and adapts to what each radiologist needs.
A journey in which every single bit of information adds to a greater body of knowledge that patients, their care professionals, and science and society at large can benefit from.

We think that artificial intelligence, together with other technologies, can help turn that vision into reality. But not by taking technology as a starting point. The needs of the healthcare provider and the patient or consumer should always be at the forefront. Technology should adapt to their needs, extend their abilities, and help them achieve better outcomes. That’s why we believe in the power of adaptive intelligence.

We think people first. Everything we do is designed to support and empower people, with solutions that adapt to their needs and environments.

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reduction in turnaround time1


Philips IntelliSpace Portal uses machine learning to improve the clinician’s workflow.

To improve operational performance and streamline workflows

By extracting insights from data, AI-enabled solutions can support clinicians to optimize their workflows, including planning, procedure times, and selecting the right exam for the right patient. On a departmental and enterprise level, the ability of AI to sift through large amounts of data can help hospital administrators to optimize performance, drive productivity, and improve the use of existing resources, generating time and cost savings.

To make high-quality clinical decisions

AI-enabled solutions can help to combine large amounts of medical data to generate a more holistic view of patients. This supports clinicians in their decision making, leading to better patient outcomes and improved population health.

Philips Wellcentive leverages over 49 million patients2

on our platform to power machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to identify and predict clinical data anomalies, enhance workflows, and translate complex medical terminologies and situations.

Philips Respironics DreamMapper can improve sleep therapy adherence by3

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This mobile app allows people with sleep apnea to track their therapy progress.
3SystemOne retrospective study, Philips Respironics, 2015

To proactively manage their own health

Beyond the borders of the hospital, AI offers tremendous opportunity as it gets embedded into solutions for home care and healthy living. This will enable people to take control over their own health, supported by intelligent advice as they need it, where they need it.

To manage the health of entire populations

Combining clinical decision-making support with patient self-management, population health management can also benefit from AI. Based on predictive insights in patient populations, healthcare providers will be able to take preventative action, reduce health risk, and save unnecessary costs

Find out about Philips CareSage,

the predictive analytics technology that helps prevent avoidable hospital admissions and emergency room visits among the frail and elderly.


A cloud-based platform purpose-built for healthcare


Our Philips HealthSuite digital platform offers both a native cloud-based infrastructure and the core services needed to develop and run a new generation of connected healthcare applications. It is purpose-built for the complex challenges of healthcare, featuring deep clinical databases, patient privacy, industry standards and protocols, and personal and population data visualizations. It lays a solid foundation for an open and secure ecosystem of AI-enabled solutions.

Philips IntelliSpace Discovery

Driving actionable insights from your health data

The Philips HealthSuite Insights platform is a suite of tools and readily available assets for building, maintaining, deploying and scaling AI solutions. The HealthSuite Insights platform consists of a collaborative development environment for the creation of new analytic models for use by data scientists and software developers. We also plan to create an ecosystem, called the HealthSuite Insights Marketplace, which enables the exchange of AI-enabled solutions among healthcare providers and AI startups, and the wider deployment of such solutions in clinical settings.

Our commitment to data privacy and security

With our focus on health technology, we recognize that public trust is paramount, as health data is among the most sensitive types of personal data. Our commitment to privacy goes beyond regulatory compliance. We embed privacy and data protection controls throughout the lifecycle of all data.
If you want to read more about our activities, innovations and solutions in the field of applying artificial intelligence, please visit our Philips News center or the Future Health Index.

4 IntelliSpace Discovery 3 is for research use only and cannot be used for patient diagnosis or treatment selection.

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