QLAB Obstetrics and gynecology ultrasound quantification software

QLAB obstetrics and gynecology analysis

Obstetrics and gynecology ultrasound quantification software

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QLAB image analysis software enables data visualization to help drive confident decisions. On or off-cart viewing enables enhanced department workflow.

Elastography Analysis (EA) || Diagnostic confidence2

Elastography Analysis (EA) provides decision support

This Q-app provides strain elastography analysis of tissue deformation based on an elastogram and provides decision support for tissue stiffness.
Women’s Health 3DQ || Advanced image visualization

Women’s Health GI3DQ for advanced viewing and quantification

GI3DQ tools support the viewing and quantification of 3D data sets. QLAB allows you to view, crop, rotate, access, use all vision controls, and perform measurements on 3D ultrasound data sets.
Intima Media Thickness (IMT) || Diagnostic confidence2

Intima Media Thickness (IMT) for consistent measurements

Arterial wall thickening has a strong prognostic value for cardiovascular events, in particular stroke and myocardial infarction. Intima Media Thickness (IMT) assessment allows convenient stratification of patients at risk for cardiovascular disease and has proven to be a good marker for the efficacy of anti-atherogenic drugs. QLAB’s IMT measurement plug-in was designed to increase the consistency and reliability of IMT measurements, reduce the effort required to successfully carry out IMT measurements, and minimize the time needed to complete an IMT study.
MicroVascular Imaging (MVI) || Advanced image visualization

MicroVascular Imaging (MVI) enhances vessel conspicuity

MicroVascular Imaging (MVI) uses specially designed post-processing software to map contrast agent progression. This software plug-in measures changes in the image from frame to frame, suppressing background tissue signals and capturing additional contrast data. The additional data obtained using MVI dramatically enhances vessel conspicuity.
Fetal Heart Navigation || Diagnostic confidence2

Fetal Heart Navigation helps evaluate the fetal heart

This software provides a semi-automated protocol using 3D datasets to evaluate the fetal heart. It automates the initial ductal arch view and guides the novice user in obtaining views recommended in the ISUOG Fetal Cardiac Screening Guidelines.
Region of Interest (ROI) || Diagnostic confidence2

Region of Interest (ROI) increases measurement consistency

The Region of Interest (ROI) quantification plug-in increases the consistency and reliability of acoustic measurements while reducing the effort required to successfully carry out ROI analysis. In addition, the ROI plug-in can minimize the time needed to analyze data from image content.The ROI plug-in provides result-driven tools for analysis of image content such as shape tools, image data content analysis, contrast intensity analysis, and many more features.