VX850 Critical care ventilator


Critical care ventilator

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Philips VX850 critical care ventilator is a comprehensive ICU solution that leverages data integration. The VX850 is designed to address weaning challenges with VentAssist clinical decision support; deliver lung protective ventilation; offer remote control for infection prevention, and interoperability with Philips IntelliVue patient monitors to support workflows.

Display can be mounted outside patient room
Infection prevention and control

Infection prevention and control

Large user interface can be mounted outside of the patient’s room for treating patients in strict isolation. This allows the clinician to view the ventilator monitors and alarms, adjust ventilation and alarm settings, and make timely critical care interventions. Additionally, use of high-efficiency inspiratory/expiratory filters (required to connect the patient circuit) provide 99.9% bacterial and viral filtration efficiency and prevent cross contamination.
Supporting you in knowing when to wean
Weaning support

Weaning support

VentAssist™ Clinical Decision Support, based on neural network machine learning, provides advice based upon changing patient conditions to help with timely liberation from invasive ventilation.
Automated calculations support lung protection efforts
Lung protective ventilation

Lung protective ventilation

Automated calculation of ml/kg and breath-to-breath calculation of dynamic plateau pressure without the need of an inspiratory hold maneuver facilitates lung protective monitoring aimed at reducing ventilator induced lung injury.
Mobile alarming and patient monitoring integration
Clinical workflow and monitoring optimization

Clinical workflow and monitoring optimization

Integration with Philips patient monitors facilitates 72 hours data trending for effective patient management. Mobile alarms distributed to PIC-iX/CareEvent can help support critical care event response time.


  • Ventilator only: 454 mm H x 310 mm W x 270 mm D (17.8 in. H x 12.2 in. W x 10.6 in. D)
Screen dimensions
  • TFT LCD 18.5" (large display) and 10.6" (integrated display)
AC input voltage
  • 100-240 VAC
AC Frequency
  • 50-60 Hz
AC Power
  • 50 VA (100 VA maximum)
Patient type
Patient type
  • Invastive, noninvasive, HFT
  • Invastive, noninvasive, HFT
Ventilation modes - Invasive
Ventilation modes - Invasive
  • Assist/Control-Pressure Control Ventilation
  • Assist/Control-Volume Control Ventilation
  • Assist/Control-Pressure Regulated Volume Control Ventilation
  • Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation-Pressure Control Ventilation
  • Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation-Volume Control Ventilation
  • Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation-Pressure Regulated Volume Control Ventilation
  • Pressure Support Ventilation
  • Airway Pressure Release Ventilation
Ventilation modes - Noninvasive
Ventilation modes - Noninvasive
  • Assist/Control-Pressure Control Ventilation
  • Assist/Control-Pressure Support Ventilation
High Flow Therapy
High Flow Therapy
  • High Flow Therapy
Monitoring parameters
Monitoring parameters
  • Rapid shallow breathing index
  • Work of breathing
  • Dynamic resistance
  • Imposed work of breathing
  • O₂ concentration of delivered gas
  • Estimated dynamic compliance
  • Time constant
  • Normalized dynamic compliance
  • Patient's compliance ratio
  • Physiological dead space
  • Alveolar dead space
  • Vital capacity
  • Maximum inspiratory pressure
  • Occlusion pressure
  • Static compliance
  • Static resistance
  • Intrinsic PEEP
  • Driving pressure
Trending parameters
  • 72 hours
  • End-tidal carbon dioxide
  • Inspired CO₂
  • Volumetric CO₂
  • Pressure
  • Flow
  • Volume
  • CO₂
  • Pressure-volume
  • Flow-volume
  • CO₂-volume
Battery (Lithium-ion)
Battery (Lithium-ion)
Normal operation time
  • 4 hours for new, fully charged battery at nominal settings
Oxygen sensor
Oxygen sensor
Sensor type
  • Paramagnetic O2 Sensor
IntelliVue EC10
  • Bi-directional interface for information transfer from Philips patient monitor via Intellibridge
Communication protocols
  • Philips Intellibridge EC 10 interface, PVOI (Philips ventilator open interface)
Parameter settings
Parameter settings
Pressure (cmH₂O)
  • IMV:1-100, NIV:1-40
Flow (HFT) (l/min)
  • 10 to 80 (Adult), 2 to 8 (Pediatric)
Maximum inspiratory flow
  • 200 L/min Blower, 200 L/ Central Gas Source
Special functions
Special functions
Respiratory Mechanics Maneuvers
  • INSP Hold, EXP Hold, Driving Pressure, Vital Capacity, MIP, P0.1, Static C&R, PEEPi
  • EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION NOTICE FOR THE UNITED STATES: The VX850 ventilator has been authorized for use in the United States under the FDA Emergency Use Authorization for ventilators which permits use of this product only for the duration of the COVID-19 public health emergency, unless terminated or revoked earlier, after which the products may no longer be used. The VX850 ventilatr is not FDA cleared or approved.
  • Product may not be available in all geographies. Please check with your Philips representative for complete portfolio availability.