MR-only simulation prostate Tap the real power of MR simulation

MR-only simulation prostate

Tap the real power of MR simulation

Our innovative MR-only simulation helps you use MRI as the primary imaging modality for planning prostate cancer patients’ treatment, thereby eliminating tedious and error prone MR-CT registration. Available as a plug-in extension to the Ingenia MR-RT platform, MR-only simulation provides high contrast anatomical MR images for target delineation and density information you’d expect from CT.

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MR-only simulation
Ingenia MR-RT 1.5T and 3.0T
Imaging protocol
Dedicated ExamCard provides sequences for:
3D MRCAT source information (mDIXON)
Anatomical information for delineation (T2W TSE)
Prostate marker visualization (FFE 3D/bFFE 3D)
MRCAT generation
Running parallel to image acquisition on the MR console, embedded post-processing generates MRCAT images using:
Automated segmentation and tissue classification
Automated assignment of CT-based density values
Five different classifications: water, fat, spongy bone, compact bone, and air
Export to treatment planning systems
MRCAT images are DICOM conform (CT) for direct export to treatment planning systems


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