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Measurement Assistant

Clinical Context Apps

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Measurement Assistant* streamlines workflow by recording measurements, offering quick navigation to images with measurements and creating an easily accessible table of results, where new and prior measurements are linked together.

Easily accessible overview || KBA 1

Easily accessible overview

Measurement Assistant allows radiology users to record, annotate, follow-up, and report lesions and measurements all on the IntelliSpace PACS system. This captures a longitudinal record of quantitative findings in the routine reading environment, creating an integrated, easily accessible overview of lesion trends.
Rapid assessment of lesion trends || KBA 1

Rapid assessment of lesion trends

The logical overview of lesion progress allows quick assessment by the clinician and medical teams using the reports.
Shortened reporting time || KBA 1

Shortened reporting time

Your findings are transferred from the Measurement Assistant tool directly into the diagnostic reporting environment, saving dictation time and eliminating errors associated with manual transcription.
  • *Measurement Assistant is a part of Clinical Context Apps for IntelliSpace PACS