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IntelliSpace Console Critical Care extracts high fidelity data from your EMR and presents an organ-based summary of the actionable information when and where it’s needed.

Organized data for actionable insight... || 1

Organized data for actionable insights

The patient-centric dashboard includes acuity level, details on life support, and any changes in patient clinical data, so information you need to make care decisions is prominently displayed, rather than buried in your EHR. The result is a clinical rounding tool that supports collaboration and eases information-sharing during rounding or shift changes.
Supports efficient workflow || 1

Supports efficient workflow

By presenting the most important patient data needed to make care decisions, IntelliSpace Console saves the time that would be spent gathering information from your EHR. Developed to improve clinician workflow, it supports efficient decision-making, eases workflow transition and offers reports on compliance status and Medicare and Medicaid quality measures.
Strengthens your EHR investment || 1

Strengthens your EHR investment

EHR- and device-agnostic, IntelliSpace Console helps fulfill the EHR promise of ready access to information, while increasing the value of that information by presenting it in context.
Reflects the way you think || 1

Reflects the way you think

The data presented on the IntelliSpace Console dashboard is organ-based, to reflect the approach of most clinicians. The more than 500 evidence-based rules and algorithms were tested by Mayo Clinic clinicians.
Cloud-based, real-time analytics || 1

Cloud-based, real-time analytics

IntelliSpace Console extracts data from your EHR and patient devices such as monitors and ventilators, and then uses a secure, bi-directional communications connection to send the data to the cloud where the data is analyzed and sent back to the facilities’ care teams to be displayed and mobilized for patient alerts. IntelliSpace Console is featured as an app hosted on Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform.
Patient care in the ICU has been estimated to generate more than 1200 data points per patient per day.1 This amount of information can be overwhelming rather than helpful, because it burdens clinicians with sorting through vast amounts of data to find the information they need. Unfiltered data can lead to clinical errors, loss in productivity, and inefficient rounding and shift changes. By summarizing and displaying relevant clinical data, IntelliSpace Console Critical Care helps you reduce your cognitive load1,2, take quick action to address patient needs, identify patient deterioration, and enhance rounding efficiency1,3.

IntelliSpace Console shows me what I need to see, at the point of care, organized in the way I think.


John M. Litell, DO

Division of Emergency Critical Care

University of Michigan Health System

Key features & benefits:

Working together to enhance patient care


IntelliSpace Console was developed by Mayo Clinic under the product name AWARE (Ambient Warning and Response Evaluation) and is marketed through the collaboration of Ambient Clinical Analytics and Philips. Together with the United States Critical Illness and Injury Trials Group, the Mayo Clinic received an award from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) to study the impact of using a cloud-based clinical decision support solution with a novel user interface on Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries in intensive care units.


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Addressing information overload with IntelliSpace Console

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