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We understand that planning a complex new clinical workspace is a major undertaking involving several steps: from requirements analysis, to building a business case, to design and optimization. Moreover, we know you face many challenges along the way. What equipment do you need? How can you make efficient use of space? Will the room meet all your workflow demands?


Philips can help provide answers to these and other questions, by offering comprehensive advice based on our extensive experience in this field. Using our 3D Room Planner, our experts sit down with you to jointly define your requirements and help create a room that fits your precise needs. Together, we select and virtually position the elements you need, taking into account the necessary movements and pathways of your staff and equipment, and your clinical caseload.

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Don’t rely on your imagination


The Philips 3D Room Planner is a software tool that helps to configure complex designs in line with your requirements. Using realistic 3D graphics, it visualizes complex rooms, including hybrid suites, based on the dimensions you and your Philips consultant enter, giving you a virtual preview before construction work begins.


This intelligent planning aid lets you choose and position equipment and lighting. It helps you utilize available space, and create a room that will support efficient workflows. Moreover, it alerts you to errors and clashes, helping you correct any issues and avoid costly modifications.


Thanks to Philips consultants and the 3D Room Planner, you no longer have to rely on 2D floor plans and your mind’s eye to imagine your finished room. Instead, you receive a 3D view that gives you a realistic impression of the look and feel of your new clinical suite.

Designing and planning your clinical
workspaces hand in hand with
Philips means you:

  • Assess our wealth of expertise and experience in complex room design
  • Plan, configure and customize a range of rooms, including hybrid interventional and surgical suites
  • Get a realistic, 3D impression of how your room will look
  • Design spaces to support your facility’s individual workflows
  • Benefit from efficient use of available space
  • Correct errors and non-feasible combinations early on
  • Save time and effort through realistic upfront planning

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Explore the world of
3D planning for yourself

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“Designing an OR is very straightforward but coming up with something that is unique, with high-end imaging equipment and flexibility that addresses all the needs that our physicians have takes real expertise.”


Carol Mascioli, Chief Operating Officer, Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute, USA

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You are about to visit a Philips global content page


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