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JJ Trotter
Field service engineer, avid camper, Air Force veteran

JJ Trotter

Regional area: Smoky Mountain region


Years with Philips: 5 years



When Air Force veteran JJ Trotter started out over 20 years ago, she had never heard of biomedical equipment engineering until her Air Force recruiter recommended it. “He said it would be a great job that would ‘keep me in an air-conditioned hospital instead of outside on a hot flight line' [and] it was the best recommendation anyone has ever given me!”

She approaches her career like she is in charge of her own business. “It is your responsibility to take ownership of your customers and make sure their needs are met.” JJ is a two-time achiever of Pinnacle Board Status. “What inspires me is the joy I get from doing this work. To have a job where I can help those who help diagnose and heal people is very rewarding.”
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