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Lamiae Al Hammad
Patient Monitoring remote service engineer, French pastry maker, Korean drama connoisseur 

Lamiae Al Hammad

Regional area: Atlanta

Works on a remote service engineer team of 35 people serving North America and Canada.

By the numbers

19+ years at Philips

year at Philips

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months Philips training

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Discovered aptitude for tech
“I first felt passionate about technology when I was a kid. I would disassemble the remote and my radio and put them back together.”


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Earned Associate’s Degree in Business Administration 
“Studying business management prepared me to handle complicated management issues and enhanced my problem-solving skills.” 

 '00s - '10s

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Phone solution manager in Rabat, Morocco

“My customers were French so I got used to talking to people with different backgrounds, which has helped me in my current role.”


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Technical college

Associate’s degree, Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology, Biomedical Engineering

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Earning Bachelor of Applied Science, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology
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Started working at Philips

 “I like to be challenged. Every day, I learn something new and study to keep up with technology.”

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Bay Management champion

“I became the in-house go-to person to maintain my team’s Philips monitoring equipment, which lets me keeps my hands-on technical skills sharp.”

“I stay positive and I try to find solutions instead of complications in life and at work.”

—Lamiae Al Hammad


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“I need to be quick and analyze the problem logically. I go through careful, structured steps in order to fix the problem fast.”
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“We don’t represent ourselves, we represent the company We hold daily “share cases” and give each other troubleshooting tips. Helping each other helps us helps our customers.” 

Words that describe me best

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What inspires me


Our equipment is attached to a patient. If it’s not working right, it could affect a diagnosis or treatment.

Proudest personal moment

Secret to my success

I go above and beyond to deliver great customer service. My primary objective is to understand our customer’s concerns and value their time.
Proudest professional moment

Proudest professional moment

Philips donated an ultrasound machine to the college I was taking classes at for us to practice on. I was very proud.
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Industry insight

Customers are upgrading to systems that allow us to fix issues remotely. It’s incredibly helpful for them.

Customer connection 


“Some cases are not easy to solve, and I listen carefully to understand the issue. I speak four languages – and I’m learning Korean – and sometimes customers appreciate it when I speak their primary language.”

— Lamiae Al Hammad

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