US Viewing (in MMV)

View ultrasound with multi-modality exams on the same workstation
US Viewing (in MMV) and analytics are now available from a multi-modality workstation environment. Review high-resolution single and multi-frame images in collaboration with other modalities. With US Viewing (in Multi Modality Viewer), clinicians can perform measurements, annotations, zoom anatomy and adjust window/levels controls. Edited images can be appended to the patient’s exam for complete documentation. Multi Modality Viewing on IntelliSpace Portal 10 supports additional Q-App tools for advanced quantification of ultrasound data.
ultrasound viewing thumbnail
  • View ultrasound single and multi-frame objects.
  • User selectable display formats for excellent viewing experience of ultrasound images.
  • Easily measure, zoom, perform window-level adjustments and control cine playback functions.
  • Append results to exam.