Take portable ultrasound

to the next level

An elegant solution just got better


Philips Lumify introduced you to easy-to-use ultrasound with your compatible Android device that allows you to acquire high quality images at the bedside. Now its utility has been expanded with more applications, a wider range of use, and expanded finance options, and still just as easy and quick to put to work, taking smart device app-based ultrasound to the next level.


We never stop looking for ways to improve Lumify, engaging clinicians all along the way for cues, and this release, if nothing else, is proof of that. Here’s what you should know:


  • The new Lumify S4-1 transducer delivers tissue optimized presets for FAST exams, Abdominal, Lung, Echo, and OB/GYN 
  • Lumify transducers can now be purchased outright 
  • Lumify is now available for use in EMS (ground and air)
  • Lumify is now among the toughest ultrasound machines on the market, passing shock, vibration, drop, and extreme temperature and other environmental testing. Click here to view the list of compatible Android devices.
  • The most recent app update makes M-Mode available on all transducers
M-Mode Apical View
Parasternal Short Axis 

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