Customer services

Chris Boyle
Field service engineer, family man, beekeeper

Chris Boyle

Regional area: Great Lakes region


Years with Philips: 5+ years



Decades of engineering experience has taught Chris Boyle three attributes of successful ultrasound field service engineers: Customer service skills, integrity and ownership – or being there for customers on any issue even when it’s across product lines.

Chris initially learned these valuable business attributes from his stepdad: “He ran a business for over 40 years. He knows a lot about customer service and how to treat people.” Providing great customer service is a fundamental strategy Chris applies to all of his professional relationships, and an important goal for his work at Philips.


“Customer service needs to be top priority regardless of anything else,” Chris says. “We face a lot of outside competition today and having great customer service skills is a game changer.”


Chris enjoys spending time with his family, meeting new people and beekeeping in his spare time. 

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