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Mark Ruder
Field service engineer, golfer, family man

Mark Ruder

Regional area: Oklahoma

Years with Philips: 13 years

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As one of the faces of service for Philips Ultrasound, Mark most enjoys seeing a smiling customer. After working in the Automotive Diagnostic Computer field, he switched to ultrasound technology, where he's stayed for 30 years. Mark joined Philips 13 years ago, and his ability to problem solve, multi-task, stay calm and listen has helped him deliver personalized service to his customers. Mark has found that “having an open mind and learning all you can” are keys to success in today’s field service sector. “I’m still learning today.”

When asked what motivates him to do his best work, he says, “Keeping ultrasound service #1.” Above all else he has his family to thank for keeping him focused on his goals. “My family is my greatest accomplishment,” he says.
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