What has the
power to...

Help guide you through interventional procedures?

Make patient comfort a priority?

Broaden your control in the interventional suite?

And let clinicians increase their productivity?

Answer: Radiology—like you’ve never seen it before

Helps guide you through interventional procedures


With its excellent visualization, Philips VesselNavigator provides an intuitive and continuous 3D roadmap to guide you through vasculature during the entire procedure.

Make patient comfort a priority


With the Philips Ingenia 1.5T S, we support your goals in first-time-right imaging by providing an immersive and relaxing in-bore environment. You can enhance patient cooperation and workflow, and deliver the images you need for confident diagnoses.

Broadens your control in the interventional suite


Philips has expanded DoseWise Portal’s role in interventional radiology. By further integrating DoseAware Xtend* into your interventional suite’s visual display and introducing a new fluoroscopy dashboard, Philips has given you more focused control. In addition, critical “peak skin dose” for your patient is now recorded and can be monitored closely with customized alerts.

*Not a legal dosimeter

Lets clinicians increase their productivity?


Philips Affiniti ultrasound system provides the diagnostic information you need with an intuitive, ergonomic design that lets you work with less reach and fewer steps.

At Philips, we see the potential for radiology to help solve some of today’s healthcare challenges. That’s why we’re committed to helping radiology extend its impact, giving you the power to boost value, reduce costs, and have a bigger effect at every level of care.

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