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Philips Medical Cybersecurity
Risk Assessment Service

Providing vulnerability status and actionable recommendations
for Philips and non-Philips devices

Technology to conduct a comprehensive security review of medical devices across the hospital network

Philips Medical Cybersecurity Risk Assessment service is designed to provide an overview of the vulnerability status and associated risks of your networked medical devices (regardless of vendor) and to detail actionable recommendations as to how to address them.


As a healthcare provider in today’s volatile world, cybercrime put you and your patients at serious risk. Unaddressed vulnerabilities can leave you open to ransomware attack. Maintaining and securing a hospital-wide network of connected medical devices is critical to safe operation.

The first step in Philips and non-Philips effective cybersecurity program is to understand the risks you face.

Philips has partnered with CyberMDX, a leading healthcare cybersecurity solution provider, to deliver visibility and threat prevention for medical devices and clinical networks. CyberMDX’s medical device aware network security tool helps to collect medical device information from your hospital network, for use in building a comprehensive risk analysis.
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*This service will be available for acquisition in North America market from 2021 onwards.


Visibility of medical devices

Advice from security experts

Clarity on current risks and vulnerabilities

Dedicated support from Philips

Assessment of compliance posture

Prioritized, actionable recommendations

Cyberhealth starts with knowing your vulnerabilities

Our medical cybersecurity risk assessment service begins with the deployment of the CyberMDX network security tool and ends with a report and presentation on the vulnerability status of your medical devices along with recommendations to improve your security posture.
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Detailed risk analysis

Create a comprehensive risk analysis of all detected assets, critical vulnerabilities, credentials, and EOL / EOS operating systems
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Recommended action and best practices

Define how to correctly onboard devices and how to set up an ongoing risk management process
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Inventory summary

Provide a live inventory report of medical devices and their operational posture, including FDA recalls, and outdated software
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Compliance assessment

Check HIPAA compliance and detail violations of specific HIPAA Security Rules

How it works

The full assessment of your network takes only 30 days and the required involvement on your part is minimal.
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Step 0

Define the goals for the risk assessment and identify the network segments in scope.

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Step 1

Deploy the CyberMDX Hardware Sensor for 30 days in the medical network. The sensor acquires network traffic and perform deep packet inspection. Traffic data is converted into meta data and events

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Step 2

Deploy the CyberMDX Core Software Platform for 30 days. This enables receiving the metadata and events from the Hardware Sensor. The core software detects and evaluates potential threats with comprehensive vulnerability and threat detection. It provides real-time threat analysis and operational status using an agentless deployment model, without requiring client software on Philips and non-Philips medical device in your network.

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Step 3

Analyze the data from the Software Platform and run the risk assessment – conducted by Philips cybersecurity experts.

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Step 4

Generate risk assessment report with recommended actions for compliance, protection, and remediation – based on collected data. Presentation to your medical device cybersecurity team.

There is no interruption to Philips and non-Philips device operation and no sensitive data is transferred out of your hospital environment.

Philips medical cybersecurity isk assessment service helps you understand medical device inventory, vulnerability status, compliance posture, risks, and how to mitigate those risks. You can experience the benefits of a full vulnerability management solution prior to investing in it.

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The services will only be available for delivery in NAM market in 2021 for selected Philips modalities.

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