Intellispace Cognition

Improve quality

Reduce variability between assessors


IntelliSpace Cognition has the potential to standardize administration and scoring of responses. This helps you achieve the objective, quantitative and reproducible analysis you need. Advanced algorithms allow automatic feature detection for complex figure drawings, accurate measurement of reaction times to stimuli, and voice recognition for verbal tests.

How it helps you

standardized administration

Standardized administration  


Step-by-step digital instructions avoid unintentional variations in data collection.

outcome measures

Quantitative outcome measures  


Advanced algorithms minimize assessor variability and improve longitudinal comparison.

few mistakes

Fewer scoring mistakes  


Eliminate tedious manual calculations that can lead to mistakes*


*J.B. Miller, W.B. Barr; Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology;1-14 (2017)


Regression-based digital norms  


Compare results to digital regression-based norms to avoid abrupt changes between age categories. 

Your benefits

Gain new insights
Key opinion leaders agree: New digital outcome measures are valuable when performing cognitive assessments. 
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Experience a total solution
Testing, scoring, digital clinical interviews, tailored reporting — all compatible with electronic medical records.
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Work efficiently
Plan and organize in advance. Save time on scoring. Manage all your data in one place.
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