Enabling a pathway to precision diagnosis

Meaningful technologies to help teams at healthcare’s defining moments.

Enabling a pathway to
precision diagnosis

Meaningful technologies to help teams at healthcare’s defining moments.

Radiology Informatics solutions

We work as trusted partners to our customers, helping them to adapt to healthcare’s evolving world and to advance digital health transformation at defining moments in a patient’s journey. Our solutions deliver optimized imaging service lines and enable enterprise imaging across sites, specialties and technologies to simplify medical image management, enable effective collaboration and enhance patient care.

We provide a scalable, modular architecture that integrates with existing systems to deliver data and tools across the enterprise – from radiology data reporting to enterprise-wide ingestion and archiving, to full patient and clinical data management. The platform allows enterprise-wide reading, distribution and archiving – with no need to switch between multiple workstations. It consolidates multiple specialty workstations into a single, multifunctional workspace that allows radiologists to enhance the quality of reporting.

Radiology is a series of defining moments

From the moment a patient is referred to Radiology to the time her clinical status is known, her care depends on a cascade of complex workflows where precision is essential. Every person involved plays a critical role in getting it right. And every contributor must be empowered with the right data, technology, and clinical insights to enable that patient’s pathway to precision diagnosis and therapy.

Our systems view of imaging

Philips takes a systems view of imaging. Our end-to-end solutions provide consistently high-quality imaging services to clinicians so they can deliver definitive diagnoses, purposeful treatment plans, and more predictable outcomes for patients.

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Additional resources

imaging platform connecting disparate sites use case

Are you looking for integrating medical imaging into a regional multisite environment?

Learn how to successfully connect and integrate facilities across multiple locations to provide a unified source of accurate imaging data, accessible virtually anywhere with a well-defined scheduling.

imaging platform data migration whitepaper

Are you worried about data migrations?

Most healthcare organizations will need to upgrade their departmental silos to enterprise imaging solutions to stay up to date with current best practices. Everyone involved in a migration project will likely face 10 fears.

imaging platform consolidate data with enterprise repository pdf

Consolidate data with Enterprise Repository

Are you looking for consolidating all existing archives of clinical imaging data in a single repository? Learn how successfully integrate different technologies, sites, and archives, from the radiology department to across the enterprise. The Enterprise Repository contribute to an enterprise-level effort to consolidate clinical information for the foundation of your enterprise-wide Imaging Health Record.

imaging platform engaging patients pdf

Engaging patients

Are you looking for differentiate services by giving patients direct, visual insight into their health status and treatment progress? Learn how closer patient collaboration leads to better care giving the patients a more active role in their own healthcare which includes the ability to view, manage and share their diagnostic images and exam reports.

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Advanced visualization

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Cardiology informatics

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Enterprise imaging

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Precision medicine

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