High density EEG for better patient care

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Get a more complete and dynamic picture
Detect scalp electrical activity missed by 10-20 EEG

Understand the source of scalp activity
Translate HD EEG data into cortical activity

Fast and easy application HD sensor net
Efficiently apply up to 256 electrodes simultaneously

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Geodesic Sensor Net

whole head high

density EEG, includes

up to 256 EEG


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Net Station

clinical software for

easy acquisition

and intuitive review

of high density EEG

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GeoSource 2

clinical electrical

source imaging


Explore how HD EEG can enhance your presurgical planning

Presurgical planning

Discover a more complete and dynamic picture of brain activity by using our HD EEG software and hardware solution.


Get the high spatial resolution needed for precision presurgical planning.

Girl with net

Philips’ fast-application, high density electrode net is exceptionally comfortable, improving the patient experience – even for challenging populations.1


Review can be visualized in a traditional 10:20 montage or in full HD for higher resolution.

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European Congress of Clinical Neurophysiology (ECCN)

Warsaw, Poland

June 5 - June 8, 2019  Conference website


International Epilepsy Congress (IEC)

Bangkok, Thailand

June 22 – June 26, 2019  Conference website


The Neurodiagnostic Society NOLA


August 15-17 Conference website

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