Neuro Research Applications

Multimodal HD EEG and tES platform for research 

    Want to experience a live demo first-hand?

    Want to experience a live demo first-hand?

    Advanced HD EEG platform


    The Geodesic EEG System (GES) 400 platform makes HD EEG and HD electrical neuromodulation accessible for any laboratory, using fast-application sponge or gel electrode nets, software optimized for high density technology, and an advanced smart amplifier.


    Our expandable, modular product design, plus compatibility with other modalities and open source software, provides a flexible platform that can grow with your lab and research needs.

    GES-400 research

    GES 400 HD Platform 

    Our modular HD EEG platform allows you to customize the system to best meet your specific research needs, with a range of channel counts, net sizes for all ages, and modules for: stimulus presentation, electrical source imaging, EEG-MRI, EEG-MEG, EEG-TMS, EEG hyperscanning, and EEG-tDCS/tACS.

    Full Integration


    The GTEN neuromodulation system uses the same fast application electrode net for EEG and tES. Design precision electrical neuromodulation protocols in minutes, choosing from any of the 256 electrodes for EEG and neuromodulation simultaneously.

    ERP system 

    A suite of applications integrated with the GES 400 allows you to design, generate, and run behavioral and ERP experiments.

    Electrical source imaging 

    GeoSource 3 software makes full use of HD EEG and high-resolution MRI to transform HD EEG data to 3D cortical source space.


    The GES 400 system and HD sensor nets can be upgraded to be MR conditional, eliminating the need for a separate system for concurrent MR-EEG recordings.

    EEG hyperscanning

    Hyperscanning links two HD EEG systems for simultaneous interactive data collection with two participants, for example a parent and child.


    EEG -TMS 

    Low-profile MicroCel Geodesic Sensor Nets are optimized for simultaneous EEG-TMS.


    Collect synchronized EEG and MEG data simultaneously using our low-profile MicroCel Geodesic Sensor Nets and Field Isolation Containment System.


    Our Amp Server Pro software development kit (SDK) is available for developers to establish a direct connection to the GES 400 series amplifier for Brain Computer Interface (BCI) and closed-loop applications.

    Open source software

    Net Station’s Meta File Format (MFF) is now fully compatible with open source software like EEGLAB, Fieldtrip, and Brainstorm.

    Are you interested in a particular application?

    Are you interested in a particular application?

    Why high density?

    Detect activity missed by conventional EEG

    HD EEG has been shown to detect up to 2X more activity than conventional 10-20 including activity from anterior, medial and basal regions that conventional EEG can miss.1


    See EEG activity with much higher resolution and confidence

    The increased resolution provided by HD EEG provides significantly more information to increase confidence in the signal itself, the source of the signal, and how the activity propagates through the brain.


    Better understanding of the cortical source of scalp activity

    Conventional EEG provides a limited scalp view of electrical activity. HD EEG with HD electrical source imaging enables you to visualize and investigate the cortical source of scalp activity.


    More precise electrical neuromodulation

    Whole head coverage electrode nets allow for more precise targeting, individualization, and maximum flexibility in protocol design.

    Empowering innovative neuroscience research

    Net application
    Researchers worldwide have published thousands of peer-reviewed articles using Philips HD EEG platform in a broad range of neuroscientific disciplines and across all age groups.

    Do you have a question or research idea?

    Do you have a question or research idea?

    Neuro Research Applications

    Want to attend a hosted research workshop?

    Want to attend a hosted research workshop?

    1. Yamazaki M., Terrill M., Fujimoto A., Yamamoto T., Tucker D.M. (2012). Integrating dense array EEG in the presurgical evaluation of temporal lobe epilepsy. ISRN Neurol 2012: 924081


    The instruments are not intended for use in diagnosis or treatment of any disease or condition. They are scientific research instrument designed for performing measurements and acquiring data for neurophysiological research.  Philips makes no representation of the suitability of the instruments for any particular research study.