Philips Sonicare For Kids

Sonic electric toothbrush - Dispense

    Philips Sonicare For Kids

    Sonic electric toothbrush - Dispense

    Connect children to a lifetime of healthy habits

    The new Philips Sonicare For Kids power toothbrush with Bluetooth® wireless technology and interactive coaching app work together to help motivate children to brush independently. See all benefits


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Sonicare For Kids Sonic electric toothbrush - Dispense

Built-in Bluetooth®, Coaching App, 2 brush heads & 8 stickers, 2 modes HX6392/02 Find similar products

    Sonicare For Kids rechargeable sonic toothbrush - Dispense


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Connect children to a lifetime of healthy habits

The fun way to inspire better brushers

  • Training and tracking

    Training and tracking

    Children receive rewards and badges to keep them motivated, including gifts to keep their “Sparkly” training partner happy and healthy. A separate dashboard in the app allows parents to monitor their child’s performance and progress as well as set up custom milestones and incentives. In a survey, 98% of parents said it’s easier to get their child to brush longer and better*.

  • Personal brushing coach

    Personal brushing coach

    Children navigate the app with the help of their training partner “Sparkly,” whose mouth acts as a visual brushing guide, teaching children to thoroughly brush each quadrant of the mouth.

  • Bluetooth® connectivity

    Bluetooth® connectivity

    Connects via Bluetooth® wireless technology to a mobile device so kids can interact with the coaching app while they brush. The handle tells the app how long the child is brushing.

  • Patented Sonicare toothbrush technology

    Patented Sonicare toothbrush technology

    Drives fluid between the teeth and along the gumline for a powerful yet gentle clean.

  • KidTimer


    Gradually increases brushing time over 90 days until reaching the dentist-recommended two minutes to train kids to brush longer.**

  • Two brush head sizes

    Two brush head sizes

    Provide the perfect option for every mouth. Standard and compact sizes are comfortable fit for kids ages 4 and older.

  • Two kid-friendly power modes

    Two kid-friendly power modes

    Give them just the right amount of power — low mode for younger children and high mode for older kids.

  • Eight faceplate stickers

    Eight faceplate stickers

    Interchangeable stickers allow children to make the toothbrush uniquely their own.

  • KidPacer


    Fun and engaging sounds encourage kids to brush their entire mouth effectively for the dentist-recommended two minutes.

  • Ergonomic, easy-grip handle

    Ergonomic, easy-grip handle

    Easy for small hands to maneuver independently and comfortably.

  • Rubber overmold

    Rubber overmold

    Provides added protection for growing teeth and a safer, gentler brushing experience.

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  • Versus using a toothbrush without the app
  • *based on two periods of two-minute brushings per day, on clean mode

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