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Accessory head for VisaPure Advanced
  • Revitalizing Massage
  • Intelligent Head
3-9 business days

Compatible Products

More oxygen and nutrients are available in the skin

Using the Revitalizing Massage head with its customized DualMotion programme, you will increase your blood circulation, which will give you a radiant skin with a healthy looking glow. Experience a pleasant, revitalizing sensation on your skin.

Reaches the deeper layers of the skin to relax the muscles

The Revitalizing Massage head provides a deep level massage that reaches the deeper layers of the skin. Thereby it relaxes the small facial muscles and gives you a relaxing, comfortable experience.

Reaches the deeper layers of the skin to relax the muscles

Feels like 750 fingertips tapping your skin per minute

The customized DualMotion programme delivers a revitalizing and relaxing experience. It has been developed with experts in Japanese massage and is designed to mimic the renowned massage techniques called Petrissage and Tapotement. It can do what your hands cannot do. Thanks to the elegant and functional design of the Head with its five small balls, it feels like 750 fingertips tapping your skin per minute, massaging your skin. The Revitalizing Massage programme lasts 3 minutes, and you can enjoy a facial massage several times a week.

Feels like 750 fingertips tapping your skin per minute

Can be used with and without creams, lotions and oils

Easy to integrate in your skincare routine. The Head can be used with your current skincare products and brands, like creams, serums, oils and essences. You can also use it without any cream if you'd prefer.

The Head is easy to clean with warm water and soap

The Head is easy to clean. Simply clean it in the sink with warm water and soap.

Use 1-3 times a week for a revitalizing experience

Use the Revitalizing Massage head 1 to 3 times a week for a relaxing and revitalizing experience.

3 minutes program, 2 intensity settings, two-way rotation

Thanks to the Intelligent Head Recognition of the VisaPure Advanced range, the device recognizes the Head once it is put on, and automatically triggers a customized programme of DualMotion, with dedicated levels of rotation, vibration, duration of the programme and direction of rotation. The Revitalizing Massage programme uses two-way rotation to be able to follow the lymphatic flow in the skin.

Ease of use
Usage only with VisaPure Advanced
Easy to clean Yes
Intelligent Head Recognition
Intelligent Heads Yes
Technical specifications
Customized DualMotion Yes
Dedicated rotation, vibration Yes
Developed with experts Experts in Japanese massage
Intensity settings 2
Program duration 3 minutes
Two-way rotation
Rotates left and right Yes
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