Avance Collection

Pasta and Noodle Maker Accessory Kit

  • Macaroni and Rigatoni
  • Macaroni shaping disc
  • Rigatoni shaping disc
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Avance Collection Macaroni & Rigatoni Avance Pasta Maker Accessory Kit
Avance Collection
Pasta and Noodle Maker Accessory Kit
$ 24.95

Provide 2 different shapes discs: Macaroni and Rigatoni

There are 2 shaping discs in the pack: Macaroni and Rigatoni. To create your favorite pasta shape, simply attach one of shaping discs to your pasta maker. Your pasta maker does all hard work for you. Enjoy fresh and decilious pasta easily at home!

Specialist discs to create perfect pasta consistently

The shaping discs is featured with unique design extrustion hole ensuing smooth and consistent output.

Country of origin
Made in China
General specifications
Number of shaping mouths 2
Color White
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