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Personal care

Skincare Assessment Kit
  • Skincare assessment
  • Skincare report
  • Skincare measurement device
  • Skincare App-guided assessment
3-9 business days

Your personal assessment kit

The kit comes with a skin measurement device, app-guided* assessment and unlimited personal skin reports.

Your personalized skin report

Our smart algorithms process your input to create your personalized skin report. Within 12hrs, you will receive your detailed report, for a unique understanding of your skin.

Your detailed skin type

We unlock the details behind your dry, oil, normal or combination skin, helping you better understand what your skin needs.

Your skin hydration

Using your daily measurement input, we give you an in-depth view of your skin hydration. Mapping the different facial area’s, your morning and evening skin and how your hydration changes over time.

Your skin routine analyzed

We review your skin routine and give you recommendations on how to upgrade your routine to better fit your skin.

5 days' skin assessment

A unique combination of daily question and skin measurements, taken every morning and evening, to get the most complete picture of your skin.

Created by skin experts

Assessment and algorithms created by skin experts.

Objective skin measurements

Objective hydration measurements with your personal measurement device.

Items included
Device Hydration measurement device
Skincare App (iOS only) Yes
Personal In-App Skin Report Yes
Length 5 assessment days
Input Daily questions & measurements
Bio Impedance Yes
Type Button Cell Battery
Bluetooth Yes
Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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