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A simple way to beautify your home

Philips LED light bulbs deliver exceptionally long life, significant energy savings, beautiful light and contain no mercury. Use LED lights to transform any space into a more cozy and comfortable one.

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So many ways to save

Did you know there are rebates available for Energy Star certified Philips LED and CFL light bulbs? Check now for rebates from Philips and your local utility, and save on your purchase of energy saving bulbs.

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Dimmer Compatibility

Dimmer Compatibility

Use our compatibility to chart to find the right dimmer for your dimmable LED and compact fluorescent bulbs, and enjoy as much, or as little, light as you want.

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The 2nd Ultimate Light Source

Lighting has changed

How many years does it take to change a light bulb? Our homes have changed radically over the past century. So why do we still use lighting that's based on 19th century technology? Philips hue lighting can change your decor, keep your home safe, help you relax or focus and much, much more. Lighting has changed.

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LED Candles that Sparkle

LED Candles that Sparkle

Love the sparkle of incandescent? Get the look with Philips DiamondSpark LED candles. Several decorative shapes available, in medium and candelabra bases.

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