The right light
is everything

Why LED?

Warm white light

Create a warm, cosy atmosphere with LED lighting

Energy efficient

Longer lifetime and uses up to 90% less energy than traditional sources

Quality of light

Enjoy perfect light quality, instant on with no warm up time


Create the right atmosphere with dimmable LED lighting


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LED Savings Calculator


Determine your savings in three easy steps


Myths about LED lights


There are still stories and misunderstandings going around. Let us shed light on the most common myths to give you a clearer picture of how LEDs can work for you.




Our quick and easy guide show you how to light the different rooms in your home, create mood with light or just find the right replacement bulb.

In the spotlight

Sparkling LED candle light

Lighting New Year’s

The Times Square Ball has been illuminated with Philips LED for 10 years. Discover fun facts, download apps, and learn about our partnership.
Living Light Sessions

Turn on your moments

Enhance your everyday life with Philips Hue White Ambiance. Personal wireless lighting to help you wake up, energize, read, concentrate and relax
So many ways to save

Save with a Rebate

Did you know there are rebates available for Energy Star certified Philips LED light bulbs? Check now for rebates from Philips and your local utility.
Dims like incandescent

Dims like incandescent

Not all LEDs dim the same. Philips dimmable LEDs with warm glow dim to a deep, cozy glow, just like an incandescent. So, the more you dim, the warmer the light!