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Bringing a garden to life at night

Bringing a garden to life at night

The Voemel family has a great garden but lacked the lighting to also enjoy it at night. See how we brought it to life.

Bringing a garden to life at night


Bringing a garden to life at night

Outdoor lighting

Today the trend is to design an outdoor space as an important part of your home. With the right outdoor lighting, you can turn your garden into an inviting place where you can easily unwind for hours. A range of wall lights, floor lamps, lanterns and spotlights offers the right lighting solutions you need. Choose the special light effects of Philips outdoor lighting and transform your garden into a magical place.

Solar garden lights: live your outdoor life without limits

Feeling comfortable and secure is essential when you walk home. That's why lights with motion sensors will brighten up your pathway when you return home or let you know when someone's there. Lighting a clear and visible outside space only when needed will save you energy too.

Enduring waterproof materials

Each piece in our outdoor collection is carefully constructed from high-quality components and hard-wearing materials like die-cast aluminum and stainless steel. Philips outdoor lighting is of course equipped with halogen, fluorescent energy-saving lamps and high-power LED light bulbs. But most importantly, Philips outdoor lights are especially designed for humid outdoor environments. These outdoor lights are rated IP23, IP44 or IP67 and each outdoor light has undergone rigorous tests to ensure the lamps’ water resistance.

Outdoor lighting tips

  • Create pools of light by lighting lower areas in your balcony or garden. For example, light plant pots from the bottom up.
  • The garden is exposed to harsh weather, so make sure the lights are certified for outdoor use.
  • Switches for most of the lights in your garden should be activated from indoors. This is for your safety and convenience.
  • Install lights at the top of gateposts and around the perimeter of your outdoor area to help brighten the perimeter of your home.