Quick Questions with a Senior Software Development Engineer

Mohammed Asif
Name: Mohammed Asif
Role: Senior Software Development Engineer at Philips
Location: Foster City, CA
Time with Philips: 9 years
Interests: Table tennis, Foosball, Cricket 

We sat down with Mohammed Asif, Senior Software Development Engineer to learn more about his experience working for Philips. He has been with Philips for over 9 years and has a unique perspective on the technologies being developed in our Foster City, CA location.

What is your role at Philips?

I’m a software developer and Scrum Master for one of the teams in Foster City. My role includes design and implementation of the requirements along with facilitating the scrum activities of the team. 

What project are you currently working on?

In Foster City right now I work on the new version of our radiology client solution called IntelliSpace PACS Radiology Workspace. This solution has the advanced workflow capability built right into it. 

How does your work ultimately help people?

A radiologist’s time is very precious. Every second we could save in the radiology workflow, Radiologists could utilize that time for reading the next patients exam leading to better and faster care for the patients. IntelliSpace PACS Radiology Solution is already the fastest image loading software in the PACS world. With the IntelliSpace PACS Radiology Workspace we built visually appealing and user friendly software that adds automation into the radiology workflow, reducing the number of clicks and clutter in the software to save time. 

How is Philips different from the other companies you have worked for?


It’s definitely the culture that makes the difference. The team here works and collaborates very well together toward achieving the results. Ideas are shared and considered and we all have the freedom to voice our opinion which is incredibly refreshing. Along with regular work we also reserve 10% of our time for brainstorming and developing new innovations. This is an amazing chance to learn new technology while delivering meaningful innovations.

In terms of technologies, we work on advanced technologies like Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, and big data. We also have the chance to attend technical conferences that happen in Bay Area, and also the healthcare conferences like RSNA, HIMSS, SIIMS.

In our Foster City office we also play table tennis, foosball every evening, and sometimes we even play cricket too. Another small perk we get is free bagels and donuts which add to the happiness factor here.

Lastly, the biggest difference about working here is that we operate in the healthcare domain where I know that every line of code I write is to enable better care for saving the life of another human being. This satisfaction is priceless.


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