Grooming and lifestyle tips

• Give your face more attention • Refresh your wardrobe • Invest in a new skincare routine

Grooming essentials that you need to take into consideration

Give your face some attention. If you have spent the summer growing a beard or leaving your stubble for a couple more days than usual, investing the time to work on a new style can give you confidence. Philips offers a range of affordable tools to transform your face, including the wet and dry Shaver Series 9000 shaver that has unique contour detection technology to reduce the irritation and redness that you would expect from a manual shave. So, why not invest in one today?

Your face is the first part of your body that your colleagues and customers will likely see, so go for a fresh start with a clean shave, or at least give your beard a trim for a more professional look.

Refresh your wardrobe

If your office gear is in need of an upgrade, invest in some new pieces of clothing that you can mix and match with your existing wardrobe. Pair a collar-free shirt with a skinny-fit suit for an on-trend look, or go against the grain and stock up on jumpers, knits and other smart-casual clothing that you can wear in the office for a more comfortable experience.

Also, splashing out on some high-quality accessories – such as sunglasses, shoes, ties, cufflinks, briefcases and watches – can help to transform your look, so don't hesitate to stock up on some staple pieces that you can use throughout the year. Having the necessary clothing and accessories for the season ahead can save you time and energy, so it pays to act fast and get everything that you need in advance.

Change up your schedule

Let’s face it, we’d all prefer to spend time with our friends and families. Going to work is a necessary part of life. However, if a mundane routine is getting you down, consider mixing up your time. Ask your employer if you can work from home, hit the gym during your dinner hour or meet up with friends once a week after work – every little helps, and avoiding the formulaic can make your life more exciting.

Invest in a new skincare routine

Heading into the colder season, taking time out to evaluate your current skincare regime is essential. If you spent your summer stocking up on products such as SPF moisturisers and light exfoliators, then you need to adjust for the new season and opt for products that will work with your skin as the months get colder. This includes adding a lip balm, thicker moisturiser and a light cleanser to your basket and throwing away the products that were designed only for the warmer months.