Protect your sensitive skin this season

• Avoid too much foam • Apply an aftershave • Invest in a suitable shaver

How to care for your sensitive skin

During the summer months, sensitive skin can flare up, with the sun, sea and salt water all taking their toll on our faces. Taking extra skincare precautions is a given, but sometimes there are implications of the summer weather – such as sunburn and over drying – that can follow into the autumn and winter. To help you get your skin back to where it was earlier in the year, follow our top tips.

Read skincare labels

When it comes to sensitive skin, you really can’t take any chances, so make sure you closely check the ingredients list of all of your skincare products. If your favourite moisturiser is packed with alcohol, fragrances or dyes, then your skin is likely to feel the burn. Instead, swap to a sensitive skin product range that offers the required moisturisation without the unwanted after effects.

Don’t overuse your skincare products

As well as checking out the ingredients list on your skincare products, play close attention to the directions. Using a product more often than is recommended can be damaging to your skin and result in drying, redness and irritation.

Avoid products that have too much foam

If you tend to lather your face when you’re cleansing or shaving, the chances are that you are drying out your skin in the process.  The ingredients used in many lathers are detergents and other irritants that can remove essential oils from your skin, so switch to a gel or cream for the best results.

Invest in a suitable shaver

Regardless of the time of year, investing in an advanced electric shaver with the right settings for your skin is essential. Not only can a shaver such as the Philips Series 700 deliver a close and comfortable shave, but its micro bead coating can also enable an effortless glide across your face without the irritation and burn that you’d expect from a manual shave.

Apply an aftershave when you want hydration

IPost-shave, the likelihood is that your skin will be even more sensitive than usual. To minimise shaving burn, applying an aftershave with ingredients such as aloe vera and witch hazel can offer soothing relief that will keep your skin both cool and hydrated.

Don’t rub or scrub your skin

It sounds obvious, but using a rough towel or an exfoliating face wash can bring on your sensitivity, so stick to soft towels, pat dry your skin and use a light, creamy cleanser and moisturiser.

Keep out of the sun

Although summer may be over, there is no escaping the sun. That’s why it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and prepare for the sun by wearing an SPF 30 moisturiser or sun cream throughout the day, and consider using a lip balm if your lips are prone to sensitivity or over-drying.