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    Philips Garment Care

    Unlock your wardrobe,
    express your true self.

    We believe that what we wear is much more than fashion. It’s the layer between our inner selves and the outer world. What we wear has the power to hide or express our true selves. And when we unlock the potential in our wardrobes, we free ourselves to show the world who we really are.

    Find the best garment care solutions for you

    Steam Irons

    Fast and effective

    Garment Steamers

    Quick and convenient

    Complete your look


    The easy way to keep your trainers clean

    Fabric Shaver

    Everything you need for your wardrobe

    World Leading Brand

    Number 1
    World's No.1
    ironing brand

    Product warranty, Philips, 2 years warranty

    Product warranty
    2 year product warranty 
    from date of purchase

    Look your best

    Everything you need to look your best

    Discover our innovative steam irons and garment steamers to keep your clothes looking perfect in the fastest, most efficient ways possible.

    World’s #1 ironing brand*

    Philips is the leading brand in steam iron sales worldwide.

    Innovative technologies

    Iron any fabric from jeans to silk without having to adjust the temperature with OptimalTEMP technology.

    Award-winning solutions

    Our Philips products are recognised around the world for their superior design and performance.

    *Source: Euromonitor International Ltd; per irons category definition; retail volume sales in units, 2021 data.

    Essentials for your wardrobe

    Essentials for your wardrobe

    From top to toe

    Whether you need to remove creases from your shirt, do a quick touch-up of your dress or keep your favourite sneakers clean - we have the solution for you!

    Extend the life cycle

    Extend the life cycle

    of your favorite clothes

    Taking good care of your clothes has never been more important. You can wash less but still get that fresh and new look by freshen your garments with a steam iron or garment steamer.

    Powerful steam

    Powerful steam

    for a better ironing experience

    With powerful steam you can spend less time in ironing your laundry. Philips steam irons and garment steamers are ideal for speed and effectiveness, to give you a better ironing experience.

    Find your ideal garment care solutions

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    Get answers to the most frequently asked questions

    Can I replace my iron with a steamer?

    A garment steamer is not an iron, so it won’t give you the same results especially on thick cotton or linen shirts. Instead, a garment steamer is ideal for de-wrinkling thin fabrics, delicate fabrics and garments with difficult designs, such as pleated skirts. It is also great for touching up and refreshing all kinds of garments, including woolens and jackets.

    Is the garment steamer safe to use on all garments?

    Yes, your garment steamer is safe and suitable for use on all ironable garments. There’s no risk of scorching or burning.

    What type of water should I use in my Philips steam iron or steamer?

    Using the right type of water will help prolong the life of your garment steamer. Here are some tips and tricks:


    Both are designed to be used with tap water. If you live in an area with hard water, though, limescale may build up quickly

    If this is the case, try using distilled or demineralised water (50% demineralised water mixed with tap water can be used too).

    Do not use perfumed water, water from the tumble dryer, vinegar, starch, descaling agents, ironing aids, chemically descaled water or other chemicals. Not only are they unsafe but they may also cause water spitting, brown staining or damage to your steamer or iron.


    To fragrance your clothes, instead try:

    • Using perfumed washing softener in your wash

    • Using essential oils (aromas) during washing

    • Spritzing your garment with perfumed water after ironing or steaming

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