Philips SatinShave Prestige

Our most gentle shave, designed for sensitive skin

Shave with less cuts & irritation

SatinShave Prestige
Women’s Electric Shaver, use Wet and Dry

Average ratings  / 5
Average ratings  / 5
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A shaver designed for your sensitive skin


Shave legs, underarms, and bikini line with less irritation and shaving burn. Manual blade users prefer SatinShave Prestige.*

*Tested with 85 women, when asked to compare SatinShave Prestige to their own blade shaver, on legs. Germany 2015.


Conveniently shave back and forth, wet or dry


Use back and forth strokes for a closer shave. The dual foil shaver cuts hairs growing in all directions, on wet or dry skin.


Rechargeable personal shaver and trimmer


Features a lithium ion battery that provides 1 hour of cordless use.  Includes bikini trimming attachments to customize your hair removal.

pihlips satinelle the best epilator
Suggested retail price: $59.99

Designed for sensitive skin

BRL170 Multiflex head dual foils

Multi-flex head


Dual floating foils and flexing neck moves with you for fewer missed hairs.

BRL1XX Pearl tip trimmer

Pearl tip trimmers


Rounded tips with safety bars that lie under the trimmer protect your sensitive skin from irritation.

BRL170 Soft touch cushions

Comfort cushions


Soft-touch cushions on either side of the shaving head deliver a gentle touch, especially in curvy areas.

BRL1 170-00.

Ergonomic design


Our s-shaped handle allows for a better reach all over your body – and also looks good on your bathroom counter.

BRL 170/00-1

2 in 1 Shaver & Trimmer


Shave and trim all over your body. Trimming comb attachment included. 

BRL 170/50 ALT5

Wet or dry use


Use during your shower routine or when traveling.

BRL 170/50 ATL6



Cordless use for 1 hour.  5 min quick charge for a full shave.

BRL1XX Battery indicator light

Battery indicator light


You’ll never be surprised by a low battery mid-shave.

BRL 170/50

How should I shave using Philips SatinShave?


1. Fully charge device on first use: The battery indicator will light up white with a full charge


2. Prep Skin:

  • Dry Shaving?  Make sure skin is clean and dry
  • Wet Shaving?  Lather skin with soap or shaving cream


3. Shave in both directions: Use back and forth strokes for a closer shave. This allows the foil shaver to capture hairs growing in all directions.

  • Shaving sensitive areas?  Stretch skin with a free hand to make hairs stand upright


4. Cleanup: Run shaver under water.

Discover SatinShave

I love how soft it feels against my skin video

Our cordless electric shavers, use wet or dry

SatinShave Prestige

2-in-1 full body shaver & bikini trimmer

Average ratings  / 5
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From*: $59.99
Advanced dual foil shaver 

Features for shaving comfort:

  • Hypoallergenic foils
  • Pearl tip trimmers
  • Comfort shaving cushions
Rechargeable + 1 hr of use 
Charge for 1 hour for a full battery.  5 min quick charge gives 1 full use.
5 accessories 


Bikini trimmer head, trimming comb, skin stretcher cap, travel cap, and travel pouch

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SatinShave Advanced

For legs, body & bikini area

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From*: $39.99
Single foil shaver 

features for shaving comfort:

  • Hypoallergenic foils
  • Pearl tip trimmers
Rechargeable + 1 hr of use 
Charge for 8 hours for a full battery. 
4 accessories 


Trimming comb, soft glide cap, efficiency cap and travel pouch

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SatinShave Essential

For legs & arms

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  • / 5
From*: $15.99
Single foil shaver 
Hypoallergenic foils for shaving comfort
AA battery powered 
Compact for travel 
Includes travel cap
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