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      Pasta Maker

      Homemade pasta in just 3 easy steps

      Image of airfryer


      Add your favorite ingredients, choose your pasta and hit “go”!

      Image of airfryer front side


      The Philips Pasta maker can exert 1600lb of force during extrusion. Your fresh pasta is on the way!

      Image of airfryer accessories


      Cook, serve and enjoy your fresh and healthy homemade pasta!

      pasta varieties banner

      Make an endless variety of pasta and noodles

      Choose from a variety of shapes: spaghetti, penne, fettucine, lasagna/dumpling, tagliatelle, pappardelle, angel hair, thick spaghetti/ramen, shells, paccheri, macaroni and rigatoni

      Masthead banner image

      The Pasta Maker at a glance.

      Powerful extrusion icon


      Takes the effort out of pasta-making. Just put in your ingredients, press a button, and let the Pasta Maker do all the work.

      Auto-weighing icon

      Easy to clean

      Specially designed cleaning tools matching the shaping discs make cleaning an easy one-push job.

      Pasta shape icon

      4 pasta shapes

      Make your favorite pasta and noodles like ravioli, lasagna, dumplings, fettucine, spaghetti, penne, and xi mian. With the Pasta Maker, the choice is yours!

      One pound icon

      Up to 1lb

      The Pasta Maker can create up to 600 grams of pasta in one go – that's enough for 6 servings!

      white pasta

      Enjoy a variety of 
      personalized fresh homemade pasta fast!


      Pasta Maker Plus

      Enjoy a variety of delicious pastas and noodles 


      Combine different shapes, flours, and flavors to create endless variety of pastas suited to your tastes and dietary preferences. Check out a few recipes to get you started!


      Gluten free  chickpea

      Ricotta spinach


      Spinach spaghetti

      Spinach spaghetti video mobile

      Chickpea tagliatelle

      Chickpea tagliatelle video mobile

      Ricotta spinach ravioli

      Ricotta spinach ravioli video mobile

      Beetroot fettuccini

      Beetroot fettuccini video mobile

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