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Bluetooth speakers, wireless speakers: Music for everyone

Whatever your musical preference, Philips Home Audio sound systems brings the music you can’t live without into your home. With wireless speakers streaming over Bluetooth or AirPlay technology, you can stream music from smart devices quickly and easily.

Bluetooth speakers & Wireless speakers Range overview

Philips Bluetooth home speakers

Bluetooth® home speakers

Stream high quality music via Bluetooth® from smartphones quickly, easily and without sacrificing sound quality.

Philips Portable audio

Portable audio

Designed to be grab-and-go, Philips portable speakers are stylish, light and loud enough to power a party indoors or out.

Philips Hi-Fi systems

Hi-Fi systems

Play music from a variety of sources – for sound that fits your lifestyle, and design that fits your home.

Philips PC Speakers

PC Speakers

Tailored for gaming or multimedia content, the powerful PC speakers come in elegant and modern designs that blend into your interior.

Philips Fidelio Wireless and Bluetooth speakers

Philips Fidelio Wireless and Bluetooth speakers

Philips Fidelio Wireless and Bluetooth speaker range is based on the promise that if you truly love sound, every detail matters.

Docking speakers

Docking speakers

Our docking speakers give you outstanding sound quality and hassle-free enjoyment of all the music from your smartphones and tablets.

AirPlay Wireless Speakers

AirPlay Wireless Speakers

Wireless speakers to stream your favorite tunes with AirPlay technology for great sound and great music.

Radio and alarm clock

Radio and alarm clock

Start your day your way. Wake up with your favorite music, radio or sounds of nature.

Awards & recognitions that Philips Wireless speakers, Bluetooth speakers & Wireless speakers got.

The following are the awards and recognitions that our products received in 2014.

Innovations Awards 2013

SHOQBOX speaker SB7220

Fidelio A3 speaker AW3000

Party machine FWP3200D 

Design Awards 2013

Fidelio A9 speakers  AW9000

Fidelio A5 speaker AW5000

Fidelio A3 speaker AW3000

SoundShooter speaker SBT30

SHOQBOX speaker SB7220

Product Design 2013

Fidelio A9 speakers  AW9000

Fidelio A5 speaker AW5000

Fidelio A3 speaker AW3000

Product Design 2014

BR-1X  SB5100/5200

Fidelio P9X + P8 

M1X-DJ DJ DS8900

SB2000 DOT

Philips Wireless, Bluetooth & wifi speakers: Superior sound for your home

Philips Fidelio Home Audio is the realization of uncompromised acoustic engineering and a commitment to exacting standards in audio performance. Every Fidelio audio system offers superior sound quality in its class, giving listeners the opportunity to integrate exceptional audio experiences into their lives.

Fidelio Wireless and Bluetooth Speakers: High fidelity sound



Philips Fidelio Home Audio systems have been defined by their natural, clear and warm sound profiles. At the heart of our acoustic engineering is our Golden Ears. They are the audio perfectionists, expertly trained to detect the most subtle nuances in sound. Fidelio Home Audio has taken the signature quality of Fidelio high-fidelity sound and refined this to bring exceptional sound to a variety of rooms.


Fidelio Wireless and Bluetooth Speakers
Fidelio Wireless and Bluetooth Speakers: Form follows function

Form follows function

It is important to all Home Audio products that an optimal balance of style and sound performance are achieved so listeners experience nothing but the best. Philips Fidelio design is a collaboration of expert audio engineering, craftsmanship and iconic product design. Authentic, premium materials such as wood and lacquer give this range its distinctive and contemporary styling.

Wireless and Bluetooth Speakers:Seamless connectivity

Wireless and Bluetooth Speakers:Seamless connectivity

Dynamic acoustics combined with seamless audio systems bring the freedom of superior sound into your lifestyle. Intuitive, easy to set-up products with Bluetooth and Airplay functionality meet the challenge of incorporating high-fidelity sound into new technology platforms to create wireless audio systems that never compromise on sound quality.

Philips Fidelio wireless and Bluetooth Speaker highlights

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Bluetooth Speakers: Streaming via Bluetooth®

Music today is available everywhere. Streamed, downloaded and shared via smartphones,tablets and laptops. Within the extensive range of Philips Home Audio products are dozens of Bluetooth compatible designs – so whether you’re an Apple, Android or Windows user, you can stream your favorite music easily and wirelessly via Bluetooth wireless speakers.

Superior sound through wireless speakers

From free-standing, all-in-one micro towers to wall mounted systems, classic stereos, monoblocks and multimedia – Philips’ Home Audio wireless speakers range has been designed for every space.






Highlights of Philips wireless Bluetooth speakers

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