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      With the Philips OlfaPure 7300 Car-aroma diffuser, you can choose the perfect scent for your mood as you drive. Enhance the comfort of every drive with a series of scents carefully crafted in France, the fragrance capital of the world.
      The OlfaPure will diffuse just the right scent, whether you want to relax during a stressful commute, feel more alert on a long drive, ease the symptoms of motion sickness, or freshen the air. And it all happens with the touch of a button.

      Precision scent diffuser

      Make every drive 
      more comfortable

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      OlfaPure 7300

      Drivers and passengers can relax, stay alert, ease motion sickness or simply refresh the air by choosing from a broad selection of French-designed fragrances that come in simple-to-use plug-and-play cartridges.

      A superior in-vehicle scent experience

      Enhanced mood

      10 French-designed aromas

      smart aroma cartridge

      Designed in the south of France from high-quality natural essential oils, each long-lasting fragrance will enhance the comfort of your drive.


      Safe to breathe

      Safer dry-diffusion technology

      smart aroma cartridge

      Using dry-air diffusion, the OlfaPure minimizes the release of particles into the air for a healthier air to breathe.


      Consistent scent experience

      Precision scent release system

      smart aroma cartridge

      Adjust the intensity and cadence of the scent released with our smart technology to avoid nose blindness and enjoy the right level of fragrance on every drive.

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      Multiple scents

      on demand

      The Philips OlfaPure can hold up to four plug-and-play scent cartridges. Each smart cartridge includes a memory chip containing the scent’s specific algorithm. Based on this algorithm, our car-aroma diffuser can diffuse just the optimum level of the fragrance chosen.

      Philips noise cancelling features


      with no liquid

      Thanks to the dry-air diffusion, the released scent has no impact on interior materials, such as fabrics, leathers and plastics. Neither does it affect the vehicle’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Plus, with the sealed cartridges there is no leakage of oils when switching or replacing fragrances.

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      Stylish design to handle

      Its attractive ergonomic design is easy to handle, and it fits snugly into your vehicle’s cup holder. The device works automatically, turning on and off with your ignition, so you can focus on driving.

      Experience OlfaPure

      mood-enhancing benefits

      video episode one

      Unwind on the drive home

      with the perfect scent

      video episode one

      Refresh the air in your car

      with an active blend of scents

      video episode one

      Ease motion sickness

      with a unique blend of scents

      Choose your favorite aroma

      to enhance your mood

      The art of fragrance design

      Extended Warranty

      Enhance your driving experience with

      the OlfaPure app


      The Philips OlfaPure App is the perfect companion for every drive, when you want to release high-quality fragrances in your vehicle and enjoy a unique scent experience. It features innovative technologies to relax, refreshen the air, or help in easing motion sickness.


      -  Manage scent diffusion


      -  Select your preferred fragrance


      -  Visualize scent cartridges lifetime


      -  ​Turning on and off with your ignition


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