Baby monitors & thermometers

Secure connection
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Baby monitors and thermometers

Our baby monitors in a nutshell

Philips Avent Baby Monitor with private and secure connection icon

Private and secure connection

Philips Avent Baby monitor with extensive battery life

Extensive battery life 

Philips Avent Baby monitor with long range

Long range

Smart baby monitor

Philips Avent Smart Baby Monitor
From*: $239.99
  • Stay connected with your baby wherever you are. Our smart baby monitor lets you connect up to 10 cameras and supports 3 simultaneous viewers on tablet or smartphone.

Video baby monitors

Philips Avent Video Baby Monitor
From*: $219.99
  • Our video monitor auto adjusts to day and night, so you can see your baby clearly 24 hours a day.

Audio baby monitors

Philips Avent Audio Baby Monitor
From*: $49.99
  • Hear every peep with crystal clear sound and offer comforting words at the touch of a button.
* Suggested retail price

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  • Why it’s important to monitor the climate in your baby’s room

    Baby monitors and thermometers

    Why it’s important to monitor the climate in your baby’s room

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  • Perfect match: find the best baby monitor for you

    Baby monitors and thermometers

    Perfect match: find the best baby monitor for you

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Another way we can make life a little easier


uGrow, our baby tracking app, connects with our smart products to make tracking your baby's development even easier.

Your little one is irresistible—and science will back you up. Research shows that when you smell your baby the reward center in your brain lights up. No wonder you can't resist a 'just because' look-in while they snooze."

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Parenthood. There is no guidebook, but there is a support crew.

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Always be in the know with Philips Avent baby monitors. Take a peek or listen in with our smart, video and audio baby monitors. After all, who can resist a 'just because' look-in? 
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