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    Satinelle Advanced Epilator

    Same winning design, now even faster hair removal


    How should I epilate using

    Philips Satinelle Advanced?


    Epilation gets easier with regular use.  In the beginning, new users have different experiences. That is why, we have collected tips from our advocates to share with anyone who will be starting their epilation routine. Audrey McClelland, one of our key partners shares what to do to get the best results.

    After period
    Wet Dry epilator
    After Cafeine
    Shave before epilate
    90 degree
    Pull skin taut
    4 times atleast

    Satinelle Advanced
    Hair Removal Epilator, use Wet and Dry


    The preferred epilator for sensitive areas*


    Removes hair efficiently on legs, underarms, bikini area, face and whole body.

    *Based on test results for bikini & armpits.  CLT test Germany, N80 compared to other leading competitors.


    Firmly grips and removes even the finest hairs


    More hair removal power and tweezing actions for less missed hairs*

    *technical specs for entire Philips Satinelle range


    Removes hairs up to 4x shorter than waxing


    The alternative to hair removal creams and waxing.  Provides weeks of long lasting smooth skin.

    pihlips satinelle the best epilator
    Suggested retail price: $79.99

    Features for more comfortable and efficient epilation

    Micro ridged ceramic discs

    Micro-ridged tweezing disks


    32 tweezing disks made of a unique ceramic material for better grip on hairs.

    BRE630 30mm widest epilation head

    Extra wide epilation head


    Covers more skin with each stroke, for faster hair removal without pulling skin.

    BRE630 wet and dry use

    Wet or Dry Use


    Use during shower routine.  For faster hair removal, epilation works best on dry skin.

    BRE630 Opti light

    Smart light


    Helps you target and remove the finest hairs.

    BRE630 shaving head trimming comb

    2 in 1 Epilator & Shaver


    Exfoliate & shave all over your body.  Trimming comb attachment included.

    Facial delicate area cap

    Use on face & delicate areas


    Precision caps attach to the epilator head for targeting specific areas.

    BRL1XX battery indicator light

    40 min of cordless use


    Rechargeable with battery indicator light, so you won’t be surprised by a low battery mid-use.

    BRE635 00 D1P

    2 speed settings


    Use slower speed on more delicate or hard to reach areas

    BRE635 shaver

    How should I epilate using Philips Satinelle Advanced?

    How should I epilate using

    Philips Satinelle Advanced?


    1. Fully charge device on first use: Takes up to 1.5 hours.


    2. Trim hairs if needed. Ideal hair length is 3-4mm.


    3. Stretch skin: With free hand, make sure hairs are standing upright.


    4. Epilate: Take your time.  Move the device slowly against the direction of hair growth.


    5. Cleanup: Run epilator under water.


    6. After-care for skin: Apply moisturizing cream after epilation to relax your skin. Help prevent ingrown hairs by regularly using an exfoliating sponge or cream in the following weeks.

    Hair removal tools for your sensitive skin

    Choose from our epilators, save money versus salon waxing

    Satinelle Prestige

    4 in 1 Epilator & Shaver with Body Care

    From*: $109.95
    Use conveniently in or out of the bath
    Charge for 1.5 hours for a full battery.  


    Shaver head, trimming comb, delicate area cap, facial cap, massaging cap, efficiency cap, body exfoliation brush, body massager attachment


    Click  for more

    Satinelle Avanced

    2 in 1 Epilator & Shaver

    From*: $79.99
    Use conveniently in or out of the bath
    Charge for 1.5 hours for a full battery.  


    Shaver head, trimming comb, delicate area cap, facial cap, efficiency cap, storage pouch

    Click  for more

    Satinelle Essential

    Epilator for legs and body

    From*: $29.95
    Epilating dry skin is preferred for its efficiency and picking up more hairs on the first pass
    Corded use for non-stop power 
    Easy to remove and clean with water
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