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    Norelco all in one trimmer. For all you need.

    Best all in one hair shaver and body trimmer for men

    Philips All in One Shaver 9000 series 12-in-1
    New edition - 9000 series

    9000 Series

     21 pieces: face, head, body, and below-the-belt

     Precision trimming guard

     Self-sharpening steel blades

     Premium stainless-steel handle

    › 100% shower proof

    › Run time: Up to 6 hours

    › Body shaver attachment


    Philips Shaver 7000 series 14-in-1
    New edition - 9000 series

    7000 Series

     19 pieces: face, head, body, and below-the-belt

     Precision trimming guard

     Self-sharpening steel blades

     Premium stainless-steel handle 

    100% shower proof

    Run time: Up to 5 hours



    Philips Shaver 7000 series 11-in-1
    New edition - 9000 series

    5000 Series

     18 pieces: face, head, body, and below-the-belt

     Self-sharpening steel blades

     Up to 2.8 hours run time

     Fully washable

    Philips Shaver 5000 series 7-in-1
    New edition - 5000 series placeholder

    3000 Series

     13 pieces: face & head

     Self-sharpening steel blades

     Up to 1 hour run time

     Washable attachments

    Men's multi shavers with stainless steel precision for the perfect beard,hair, body, and below-the-belt trim

    All in one hair shaver and multi groomer for men
    Self-sharpening metal blades​

    Precision trimming guard

    5x more precision steps for an even trim*

    Select length settings in 0.2 mm steps from 1 to 3 mm for a precise trim to the exact length you want.

    Maximum precision

    2x more blades

    Selfsharpening blades

    Versatility - face, hair & body

    Self-sharpening steel blades

    Long lasting performance for precise results

    The stainless-steel blades remain sharp as day one for long lasting performance. No oil required.

    Self-sharpening metal blades​

    Smart BeardSense technology

    A trimmer that adjusts to your beard

    The smart trimmer scans the beard density 125x per second and boosts power exactly when you need it to tackle also dense, bushy or longer beards.

    Remain as sharp as day one

    Versatile styling
    All-in-one shaver & trimmer for face, head & body

    This all-in-one hair and body trimmer for men offers various tools and accessories for all your grooming needs. Conveniently trim and style your facial hair, clip your hair and groom your body.

    Easy to use. Easy to maintain.

    Personalisation via app

    Enhance your
    grooming routine with the GroomTribe app

    Your grooming data always stays synced, so personalized guidance from intelligent features is always at hand.

    Real-time grooming guidance

    Tips and tricks based on your needs

    All in one groomers that are
    innovative and versatile

    Ready when you need it

    Runs 15 weeks on a single charge*

    A powerful lithium-ion battery provides up to 6 hours of runtime with 5-minutes quick charge option for long life and maximum power.​

    *Based on 2 times trimming facial hair per week, each session on av. 11.6 minutes

    More than just trimmers

    100% showerproof

    The trimmer is water resistant, so you can use it comfortably in the shower and clean it easily under the tap.

    Which multi groomer
    is best for you?


    Can Philips multi groomers be used for pubic hair?

    Yes, Philips multi groomers are designed for versatile grooming purposes, including trimming body hair. Many models come with adjustable settings and various attachments, making them suitable for grooming pubic hair as well.

    What is the difference between Philips multi groomers and body groomers?

    Philips multi groomers typically offer a broader range of grooming options, including attachments for trimming hair on the face, head, and body. On the other hand, body groomers from Philips are specifically designed with features catering to the grooming needs of body hair, providing specialized settings for comfortable and efficient body grooming.

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