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    Philips Norelco Multigroom 3000 multipurpose trimmer


    All-in-One trimmer

    Our toughest multipurpose trimmer boasts tempered steel cutting blades that self-sharpen and won't rust. The durable trimmer also includes impact-resistant cutting guards, a steel reinforced motor, and a powerful lithium battery.

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    Multigroom 3000
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    Multigroom 3000

    multipurpose trimmer


    recurring payment

    All-in-One trimmer

    Tempered Steel Blades: won't break, dull or rust

    • 13 pieces
    • tempered steel blades
    • lithium power: 60 min runtime
    • impact-resistant guards
    13 pieces to trim your face and head

    13 pieces to trim your face and head

    Philips Multigroom 3000 all-in-one hair trimmer gives you full-body coverage with just one tool. It comes with 13 attachments designed to handle hair anywhere, from head to face to body to create your personal style.

    Tempered Steel Blades will never break, dull or rust

    Tempered Steel Blades will never break, dull or rust

    The self-sharpening steel blades are reinforced with iron and tempered for maximum strength. The non-corrosive metal can be rinsed with water without rusting. No blade oil needed.

    60 minutes of runtime

    60 minutes of runtime

    This long-lasting trimmer tackles hair on any part of your body with a single charge. The powerful battery can be used for 60 minutes per charge.

    High-quality build

    High-quality build

    Your body grooming trimmer for face and body has been built to high quality specifications. The full-metal motor with reinforced drive train ensures that your trimmer will withstand constant use.

    Impact resistant guards that won't bend or buckle

    Impact resistant guards that won't bend or buckle

    Get an even trim every time, with unique reinforced cutting guards designed to prevent bending and buckling that’s common with impact. 

    Easy to maintain attachments

    Easy to maintain attachments

    Your face and body trimmer is simple to clean and maintain, with non-corrosive blades and water-resistant guards for easy cleaning.

    Ensure an even trim

    Ensure an even trim

    Get a smooth, even cut on even the thickest hair. The body and beard trimmer's precise steel blades create clean, straight lines for a perfect finish.

    Precision cuts are a breeze

    Precision cuts are a breeze

    Create precise styles in smaller areas, thanks to the narrow design of the steel detail blade.

    Keeps nose and ear hair at bay

    Keeps nose and ear hair at bay

    Avoid nicks and cuts, as the all-in-one trimmer quickly removes unwanted nose and ear hair.

    Cut hair to your length

    Cut hair to your length

    Quickly touch up your haircut with the three reinforced cutting guards for cuts at 9mm (#3), 13mm (#4), and 16mm (#5).

    Groom your beard your way

    Groom your beard your way

    Trim your hair with professionally even results, thanks to the reinforced design of the 3 included cutting guards.

    Stubble trimming guard

    Stubble trimming guard

    The reinforced cutting guard creates a perfectly even, extra-short stubbled look with ease.

    Store it all to go

    Declutter your bathroom and your gym bag, with a small accessory bag that keeps all your attachments together in one place.

    Technical Specifications

    • Create the look you want

      Styling tools
      • Tempered steel trimmer
      • Detail trimmer
      • Rotary nose trimmer
      • 3 beard trimming guards
      • 3 hair trimming guards
      • Stubble trimming guard
      Number of length settings
      7 length settings
      Number of attachments/combs
      3 trimmers & 7 guards
      • Moustache
      • Long beard
      • Short beard
      • Stubble look
      • Sharp lines
      • Detailed styling
      • Goatee
    • Accessories

      Storage pouch
    • Power

      Battery type
      Run time
      60 minutes
      • 8 hours full charge
      • 5 min quick charge
      Automatic voltage
      100-240 V
    • Design

      Chrome finishing
    • Service

      2-year warranty
      Self sharpening blades
    • Cutting system

      High performance blades
      For a gentle trim
    • Ease of use

      Rinseable blades and guards

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