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How to trim a goatee

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What is a goatee, exactly? The full goatee, or circle beard (not to be confused with its cousin, the Van Dyke), can be traced back to ancient Greece, where it was inspired by the goatish good looks of the god Pan. Today’s goatee styles have evolved, but this classic look has lost none of its appeal. 

It’s a favorite of the always-in-style Idris Elba, but Brad Pitt’s straggly long goatee garnered mixed reviews. Abraham Lincoln was also a fan of the goatee beard, but wore his in a more conservative, wider format.

The goatee provides excellent coverage for triangular faces or pointy chins. So here’s how to grow a goatee for maximum effect: 

Step 1: Trim down

Start by using a beard trimmer to clip your whiskers to an even 3-5 mm. This makes them easier to style.
How to grow a goatee video

Step 2: Create an outline

Use a precision trimmer to create the outline of your goatee around your chin. The width is up to you, but wider goatees suit longer faces. Then clip the remaining hair from your cheek and neck area, making smooth and gentle movements and working against the direction of hair growth.

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What you need


Philips Norelco Beardtrimmer 7200

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    Philips Norelco Beardtrimmer 7200

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  • Powerful suction, less mess

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Step 3: Style under the lip

Under your lower lip, trim to create a triangle (or rounded shape). Or remove that patch of hair entirely. Carefully touch the edges of the hair with the trimmer to form well-defined lines.

Step 4: Trim final length

Now use a beard and mustache comb (or the zoom wheel, if your trimmer has one) to reduce the length of your goatee, as desired.
Clean up

Step 5: Clean up

Shave your cheeks and neck clean. Finally, trim the hairs around your mustache line and check your new goatee beard for symmetry.
Style under the lip

Goatee styling and maintenance

Keep the area around your goatee clean-shaven, and trim it regularly to keep it the preferred length. As your goatee grows in, you can create different effects by graduating the length of your trimming comb as you sculpt it.

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