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How to shave your chest hair

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Whether your goal is a subtly neater look or full on bare-chested glory, shaving your chest hair is simple enough. Here’s a five step process to take you from hirsute to handsome in roughly 30 minutes.

How to trim or shave your chest

Remember, you can tidy up chest hair without committing to a full shave. Many opt for a light trim. Whatever your preference, use a body groomer with multiple length settings to create a natural fade from the areas you want hair to the areas you don’t, and check in with your mirror every few minutes. Don’t get carried away.

Step 1

Before trimming or shaving chest hair, you must prep. That means taking a quick shower, drying off and giving the hair a comb through to loosen knots.

Step 2

Next, decide how to trim your chest hair. Set boundaries: decide where you want hair, and where you don’t. If you’re not going for some avant-garde chest art, aim for symmetry.
All over trim

Step 3

Go for an all-over trim. Bring all hair down to a length you’re happy with. Then start closely shaving the out-of-bounds areas, going against the direction of hair growth. If you’re keeping some chest hair, make sure you leave a border of mid-length hair between this and the clean-shaven areas.

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Step 4

Cool down. Once you’re finished, rinse your chest with cool water, dry off and apply a lotion that’s designed to soothe skin post-shave.

Step 5

Adapt your shower routine. This is for general upkeep. Now that you know how to shave your chest, remember to exfoliate regularly to prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn.

FAQs on shaving chest hair

Should I shave my chest hair?
The eternal question. There are a few reasons you might be looking for the best way to get rid of chest hair. One is aesthetics: trimming or shaving chest hair can lend definition to muscles. Another is consistency – tidying up odd areas to get some symmetry. When it comes to partner preference (do women like a shaved chest?) no two people are alike. Just ask.
How can I prevent itching after shaving?
Exfoliating and moisturizing are key. Use a scrub or an exfoliating cloth to remove any dirt, oils or dead skin before you shave, and again whenever you next shower. This can help to prevent ingrown hairs. To soothe freshly-shaved skin and keep it from drying out, moisturize with a lotion or cream after shaving and again any time you shower.
Should I be shaving chest hair wet or dry?
It’s best to do the initial trim dry, especially if your chest hair is on the long side. If you want to then go for a close shave, this can be done wet or dry with a shaver.
How often do I need to shave my chest?
Once you know how to shave your chest, upkeep is important. Give it another shave every three to five days, depending on how fast your hair tends to grow.

Chest beating

There are no rules when it comes to chest hair. Express yourself with a fur bib that suits your hairstyle. Go full bear to show you’re a man who can’t be tamed. Or choose a neat trim to make muscles stand out. If you’re confident in your chest shaving skills, anything is possible.

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