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Enabling Veterans with access to state of the art, patient centered healthcare


The VHA is transforming Veteran’s care, aligning care teams and empowering patients to focus on health, wellness and prevention. The commitment of the VHA to the health of our nation’s Veterans is unwavering. In an effort to provide integrated care and a focus on wellness across Veterans Integrated Services Networks (VISNs), the VHA will not compromise.


Leading the charge with clinical technologies and programs such as telehealth, the VHA has been a driving force to enable access to care through innovation and unique applications of clinical technology.

Philips is helping the Veterans Health Administration expand access to 24x7 intensivist care with eICU. Read press release.




"The Philips eICU telehealth program at the VA has been key to expanding access to care, and ensuring veterans receive the right level of care in the right facilities. Because it reduces overall patient’s length of stay, eICU also reduces cost and increases the VA’s capacity to care for more veterans."


Brian Rosenfeld, M.D., VP, Chief Medical Officer, Philips Healthcare Hospital to Home

Quality is paramount


A focus on evidence-based outcomes underpins quality. While all new clinical technology must demonstrate both cutting-edge capability and recurring efficiency, the key consideration must be around outcomes and how that technology can impact care—from provider workflow to patient outcomes.


Versatile, interoperable


The VA PACT approach, partnerships with Veterans, access to care using diverse methods, coordinated care among team members and team-based care with Veterans at the center, underscores the criticality of information sharing and the need for interoperability in any clinical technology solution. This interoperability can facilitate direct access to the electronic medical records (VistA CPRS), Critical Care Information Systems (CIS), and Anesthesia Recordkeeping (ARK) from the point of care.


Ultimately, this interoperability can empower clinical decision making across the health continuum.



Alignment of focus


Philips focus is aligned with the VHA around the health continuum—with a focus on interoperable solutions for living a healthy lifestyle to patient centered care in the hospital and at home.


We believe that meaningful innovations –those that make a real difference –are developed in partnership with our customers, with an understanding that quality patient care must extend outside the hospital walls. We are working with our government customers to help drive these meaningful innovations.


Women in the VA


Within the Veteran population, women are the fastest growing group and Philips can help address their needs.


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