Wearable technologies meet digital innovations and smart consumer products

This proof of concept shows how people and technology can be brought together to potentially help improve the quality of life for patients.

Jeroen Tas, CEO, Healthcare Informatics Solutions and Services, Philips Healthcare

“This shows the potential of wearable technology in a powerful new way—helping
people with serious diseases and mobility issues take back some control of their lives.”
- Paul Daugherty, Chief Technology Officer, Accenture

“We are tremendously excited about the potential to give people with ALS greater
independence and quality of life as we continue to actively search for a cure.”
- Ineke Zaal, spokesperson, Stichting ALS, the Netherlands


How it works

Philips teamed up with Accenture, a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company; Emotiv, a neuroengineering company, and Fjord, a service design consultancy that is part of Accenture Interactive; to connect and control Philips Hue Lighting, SmartTV and Lifeline Medical Alert Service products.

User sends brain commands

Using his or her thoughts or other simple facial movements, a person can send mind commands through the Emotiv headset’s EEG (Electroencephalography) or EMG Electromyography) sensors.

Wearable display shows navigation interface

The user navigates the interface in his or her field of vision, through the wearable display, scrolling through the navigation and selecting an action by thinking simple commands, such as “down” or “left.”

Digital application reads commands and connects devices

Brain commands received from the Emotiv headset are processed through the Accenture and Philips digital application to control the interface and connect Philips Smart products.

Smart products are activated

Connected to the application, a user can turn on a Philips light or television, or call for medical help, just by using his or her thoughts.


This is a proof of concept project to explore the potential of controlling Philips connected suite of products with Emotiv technologies. While the development work and reactions represented are real, this concept is not nor is it intended to be an available product.

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