Ambient Experience

Proving value in a patient focused environment

Enhancing the patient and staff experience

Philips Ambient Experience is an approach to clinical environment design aimed at improving the patient and staff experience. Implemented in over 1000 sites around the world, it is based on years of design research and collaboration, incorporating dynamic lighting, projection and sound  providing positive distractions for patients as well as recommendations for effective staff workflow, storage and organizational considerations within the facility. The portfolio of solutions contributes to a positive, engaging environment to benefit quality of care.


From single room to complete department, each Ambient Experience space is customized to meet specific customer needs. Clinical, physical, demographic, and budgetary considerations help structure a unique and differentiating solution. Innovative application of technologies provides a pleasant experience for patients and health professionals alike.

Value is reflected in strong patient loyalty, positive word of mouth, and increased professional referrals as well as improved workflow and increased operational effectiveness.

Ambient Experience designs support radiology, cardiology, oncology, emergency departments, pediatric services and a host of other areas, resulting in an improved patient and staff experience, and smooth operational and clinical processes.

How we enable the transformation process

Enhanced design

Ambient Experience: Design consulting for the Emergency Dept
Through ‘enhanced design’, we evaluate the clinical environment from a holistic perspective. By defining the needs, hopes, anxieties and concerns from the various stakeholders (patients, clinicians and family members) we learn to improve their environment. We employ proven methodologies to assess the current situation, pinpoint areas we can positively influence and then offer recommendations for implementation. Insights are prioritized and translated into design drivers to create and build clinically and emotionally meaningful environments.

Experience Flow Mapping

Experience Flow Mapping

Our unique approach of Experience Flow Mapping is a structured methodology to provide an insights-based view of the patient journey and clinical processes and to graphically demonstrate areas of concern and opportunities for improvement. We map-out all of the data points and insights gained to document the patient journey and align it with the clinical workflows, technology utilized, and sources of data to visually summarize the most impactful opportunities for improvement.


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Patient-friendly themes

Calming atmosphere

Ambient Experience creates patient-friendly environments by integrating architecture, design and enabling technologies. This innovative, people focused solution enables patients to select room themes with audio, allowing them to personalize the environment and surround themselves in a relaxing, calming atmosphere. The themes are an important feature of Ambient Experience that help patients to feel engaged and will provide them positive distraction and a feeling of control.


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Meet our team

Marybeth Resimius

Mary Beth  Resimius  

Director Healthcare Experience Solutions Americas


Mary Beth and her team are responsible for developing and delivering strategic healthcare experience consulting services and solutions. She actively guides the business at a strategic level and engages in customer projects that involve a comprehensive approach to improving the patient and staff experience.

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    Improving patient experience through design thinking in healthcare

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    Enhancing patient and staff experience in MRI

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    ED volume growth thanks to design thinking at Florida Hospital for Children

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*Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.