Empowering patients as partners in their care and wellbeing

We’re back at Dreamforce ’15 and excited to unveil our latest connected care prototype for helping people with chronic conditions better manage their own health. Created for people living with type 1 diabetes, this integrated app and online community is designed to collect and connect data from consumer and medical measurement devices, as well as patient-entered data and electronic medical records through our HealthSuite Digital Platform: CareCatalyst.


Developed jointly by Philips, Radboud university medical center and Salesforce, the prototype is designed to facilitate a collaborative online community and enable shared care for people with diabetes and their clinicians.


Our vision is to empower patients to be true partners in their own health and care by giving them access to and control of their own health data, by making their data more actionable, and by fueling better collaboration between patients and caregivers.

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Easing the burden of type 1 diabetes

Hear how living with type 1 diabetes affects the life of one young woman, and how our prototype envisions helping her and others managing the condition every day.
Over 140,000 people descended upon San Francisco for this year's Dreamforce conference, where we unveiled our new diabetes prototype and showcased our wide array of connected products.
Jeroen Tas, daughter Kim, and Lucien Engelen from Radboud university medical center talk with Joshua Newman, MD, Chief Medical Officer and GM of Salesforce Healthcare about the new diabetes prototype announced at Dreamforce.
Jeroen Tas, daughter Kim, and Lucien Engelen from Radboud university medical center join Salesforce Live to talk about our new diabetes prototype.

Creating a data-driven, collaborative online community

Our prototype application envisions collecting data from electronic records, wireless devices and patient-reported input, while also connecting people living with diabetes with providers and others with the same condition. The prototype enables:


  • Data-driven feedback, coaching and decision support on blood-glucose levels, heart rate, nutrition and treatment
  • Collaboration with fellow patients and care givers in the secure online diabetes community
  • Profile personalization including standard glucose dosage values and automatic reminders for testing
  • Historical view of insulin dosage and progress over time, as well as the ability to self-track mood, carbohydrates and exercise
  • Wireless data collection from devices such as smart scales and wireless glucose meter

Connecting care in the cloud


Our cloud-based HealthSuite Digital Platform connects data and devices with people and providers, to enable more personalized care between hospital and home.

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